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Man jailed on charge of false 911 calls


A veteran living in a Housing Authority of Grant County apartment in Continental Heights was arrested last Tuesday and taken to county jail for abusing the 911 line.

Tommy Hawkins had dialed 911, a police report states, to complain that he had to get to the hospital, but he was stuck by the dumpster that was in the way of his wheelchair ramp.

When police called back, Hawkins told the officer, “I’m halfway in my door, stop calling me.” Police told him at the time, about 11:27 a.m., that they would see that the dumpster was moved.

Police learned that Hawkins didn’t have to go to the hospital and was not blocked by the dumpster.

When a 911 call was placed from Hawkins’ phone again, two police officers showed up at his door and as he opened it, he yelled, “This is a drill.”

When police asked him if he needed medical attention, Hawkins said, “No.” When asked why he dialed 911, he told the officers that his “family was in distress.”

When asked where his family was, Hawkins replied, “all over the world.”

He was told that if he called 911 again, and it wasn’t an emergency, he would be arrested. Before the officers could leave the building, dispatch advised them that he had just called 911 again.

That’s when Hawkins was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on charges of obstructing justice and false reporting.

Hawkins said Monday that he spent the night in jail and appeared in court, where his case was continued until September. He said he will defend himself. Hawkins said he faces a $500 fine.

Hawkins said that there was trouble with his phone line and that is what caused some of the 911 calls.

A few weeks ago, Hawkins was threatened with eviction because he had violated terms of his lease by putting a marijuana sign on his lanai balcony, along with flying an American flag upside down, indicating a veteran in distress.

He was given 10 days to fix the problem by the HAGC. Hawkins had hired an attorney and asked for a hearing.

He said Monday that he had set his rent aside and was waiting for word from his landlord.

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