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8/3 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that there was a dog kept in a van at the 230 kv switchyard. Police found a Bonneville Power Administration contractor who said he takes his dog swimming in the mornings, then runs him about 10 a.m. and takes the dog home at 11 a.m. The officer checked the van about 3:30 p.m. and the dog was not inside. The report said there is no indication of animal cruelty.

- A man on Roosevelt Drive told police that someone had tried to get into his garage. The officer found that the latch was hanging loose, but entry was not gained. Patrols have been increased in the area.

8/4 - A Moses Lake man was stopped when an officer noticed that his exhaust noise was very loud and it was learned that the man was driving with a suspended license and that he didn’t have insurance. He was cited for all three offenses, and the vehicle was turned over to a licensed driver.

- A man from Electric City told police he was having suicidal thoughts and wanted to go to the hospital. He was taken to the hospital by EMS personnel.

- Fish & Wildlife personnel were notified of a deer wrapped with barbed wire. The doe was found near St. Henry’s Church and had two young fawns running with her.

8/5 - Police were called to a home on Hillcrest in Electric City whose residents were out of town and told there was someone in the garden. Police found a couple who take care of the residents’ garden when they are away.

- A person working at a local motel took some marijuana from a room so staff could clean the room. She was advised that she shouldn’t have handled it like that. The man occupying the room said he didn’t want to press charges. The cleaning person reported the smell to the desk.

- A trailer park owner stated that a car drove up to his office with two females inside and one stated that the other had been assaulted. Then the car drove off. Police tried but couldn’t locate the vehicle.

8/6 - A Coulee Dam officer advised Grand Coulee police that a vehicle was headed toward the city and the driver had a license suspension. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was cited for driving while his license was suspended and not having insurance. The vehicle was towed.

- A woman brought a dog to the police station, stating that it had been running loose near the senior manor. It was taken to the veterinary clinic and police were told that the dog had pups. The dog was returned to Prims Place, where it was reunited with three of its seven pups. The other four had died. The owner of the dog was told to keep it at home or she would be cited.

- While patrolling in Electric City, police arrested a man on outstanding warrants and took him to Grant County Jail.

- An officer was called to Sunbanks Resort over a dispute about parking a boat. Police learned that there had been a verbal dispute, and one of the two asked police to talk with the other party. Police found a man who smelled of alcohol and gave him a verbal warning; he decided to sleep it off.

- Police checked on a 911 hang up call on Second Street. A party there told police that someone had taken his game as a form of punishment and that was why he called 911. Police advised the party not to abuse the 911 line.

8/7 - Police went to a house on Kelso in Electric City on a noise complaint. A person said that the noise next door was so loud she couldn’t sleep. The city’s nuisance ordinance was explained to those at the house.

- USBR Plant Protection told police that there were two people fishing at the tanner gates near North Dam Park and one of them was standing on the fence. The officer confronted the pair and both said they wouldn’t stand on the fence again.

- Police saw a man driving on Alcan Road whose license they knew to be suspended. In writing the man a citation, the officer’s computer was not working, so he returned to headquarters where a citation for driving with license suspended and no proof of insurance was written and later handed to the man.

8/8 - Police were called to Coulee Medical Center where there was a combative patient. Police arrived and everything was brought under control.

- Police were advised of an assaultive patient at Coulee Medical Center. A medical staff person said the man had hit her in the ribs with his elbow, but didn’t think it was intentional. The patient was heavily sedated and the caregiver was told to call again if the man got out of control.

- There was a report of a woman running past Safeway screaming and being chased by a man. The first report was that there had been a gunshot but that was corrected by a man who saw the episode. Police didn’t find anything.

- A clerk at Center Lodge Motel told police that there was a disturbance there. Police talked to a couple who explained that they were in town for a funeral. The man explained that his wife was bipolar and that she had been freaking out.

8/9 - Workers at Sunbanks Resort told police they found a wallet in one of the restrooms and, along with it, some drugs. The drugs and wallet were given to police. The name in the wallet didn’t match anyone registered at the park.

- A man living on Second Street NE in Electric City told officers he heard a crash and found that someone had thrown a rock through the back window of his car. He said he saw a man leave the area.

Coulee Dam


8/3 - A male driver was stopped because one of his headlamps was not functioning properly. The officer found that his driver’s license was suspended. He was cited and a licensed driver came to take charge of the vehicle.

- A woman on Holly Street showed an officer pictures of a dog, not her own, defecating in her yard. The owner of the dog was told by the officer that if he didn’t resolve the issue he would be cited.

- A man with a Hawaii driver’s license was warned for doing a “California stop” at the stop sign at River Drive and Roosevelt Way.

8/4 - School officials reported that someone had broken into the locker rooms at the Lake Roosevelt High School gym. Nothing was taken. The police found a door handle and took it for evidence.

- An officer went to a house on River Drive and saw a pit bull sitting on the porch. The officer knew the dog didn’t belong there and opened the back door of his patrol car and the dog jumped in. The officer drove the animal to its proper home, where no one answered the door, so he put the dog in the backyard.

- An officer responded to an alarm at the police department and found that all was well.

- Police pulled a vehicle over that didn’t stop at the intersection of the Elmer City Access Road and River Drive. The officer found that the driver was wanted on three felony warrants: for second-degree burglary and second-degree possession of stolen material. The man’s wife came to take possession of the vehicle and the driver was taken to Okanogan County Jail.

- A driver rolled through two stop signs and got warnings for the violations.

8/5 - A man on River Drive reported that his moped was missing from his garage. He said the last time he had noticed it was about six weeks before. He stated that he left the garage door open until late in the evening because it was so hot out. He gave the officer a picture of the moped.

8/6 - A driver got a warning for letting his vehicle roll through a stop sign near the school.

8/7 - A vehicle was stopped for going 44 mph in a speed-controlled area and didn’t have a license plate on the front. The passenger, the owner of the vehicle, said the license plate was in the trunk and showed it to the officer. The patrol officer showed the owner that it states on the vehicle registration that there must be a front plate. He got a warning and was told to get the plate put on.

8/9 - A man walking north on Pine Street was stopped, arrested on a warrant, and taken to Okanogan County Jail.

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