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Golf carts and ATVs now street legal

Electric City ordinances now in effect


Birdie and Lowell Hensley check their mail after riding to town in their golf cart. The Electric City city council recently passed an ordinance that allows residents to ride their ATVs and golf carts on city streets. The Hensleys got the first permit, in fact the only permit so far, issued by city hall. With the $30 permit the city issues a decal to put on the back of your golf cart or ATV. - Roger S. Lucas photo

There hasn't been a big rush in Electric City to get permits for all-terrain vehicles and golf carts now that they are legal on city streets.

City Clerk Jackie Perman said this week that she has issued only a single permit for a golf cart and none for an ATV.

Lowell and Birdie Hensley have the first and only city permit for a golf cart.

Birdie was the instigator of the idea and over the years has promoted it, both while serving on the city council and after leaving office.

The couple bought the first permit, for $30, and have been seen riding around in it on city streets.

The city council passed two ordinances recently, one for ATVs and the other for golf carts.

Golf carts need to have seatbelts, turn signals, and lights. However, they don't need a license, but must have a licensed driver.

Decal to make it legal.

Golf carts are limited to city streets and can't run over 25 mph.

ATVs need to be licensed just like any vehicle that runs on the highway.

Two ATVs were seen running on city streets right after the ordinance was passed, but did not have permits.

Driving violations are the same as for other motor vehicles.

Golf carts can cross the state highway only at crosswalks, while ATVs have the run of the place as long as they obey all laws that pertain to motor vehicles.

The fear that there would be all kinds of ATVs and golf carts running loose on city streets just hasn't materialized.

Look for signs going up soon letting motorists know that they are entering a golf cart and ATV-friendly zone.

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