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7/13 - Someone threw a rock through the window at Jack’s Spring Canyon Service but got away with only about $20 worth of items. The thief scattered Cheetos onto the parking lot. The window will cost about $100 to replace. It was reported that the store might have the thief on its security tape.

- A person who walks regularly along Martin Road said he saw several batteries just out of view stashed along the road. Police found three batteries but haven’t received any report of missing batteries.

- A woman on E. Grand Coulee Avenue who had been asked to leave a property by the owner was told by police that she had two hours to pack her things and leave.

- The owner of a property on Cardinal Road who was trying to evict a tenant was told she needed to have the court make an eviction decree and give it to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office to carry out. The property is outside the city of Grand Coulee.

- A woman was told to stay away from Jack’s Spring Canyon store or she would be banned from the place.

- A man reported that while cleaning up a place a woman had been kicked out of, he found a fake $100 bill under the mattress. He put it in an envelope to be delivered to police. The same woman tried to move into a home on Dill Avenue, but the man told police he wanted her out. She was told to leave or she would be arrested.

- An officer chased a dirt bike off the Smith Lake Road onto a dirt road at a high rate of speed and terminated the chase. The officer had noticed two motorcycles, neither having a license.

7/14 - A person reported a man with a large knife chasing the Grant Transit Authority bus in Electric City. It was reported that the man went into a bar nearby but the officer could not locate him. The one reporting the incident gave police the name of the man.

7/15 - Coulee Dam police asked for assistance in processing two males near the high school. One was being processed for driving under the influence and the other kept interrupting. The two were separated and taken to Grand Coulee for processing.

- Dispatch advised police of a suicidal person on Fortuyn Road, and police put the person in the care of a mental health professional.

7/16 - Police investigated a two-vehicle, non-injury accident at Partello and SR-174.

- A woman told police that her vehicle had been struck by a person returning a U-Haul truck to Coulee Hardware. Police are looking for the driver of the truck.

- A Goodfellow Avenue resident trying to sleep in Electric City told police that loud music coming from a house on Stevens was keeping him awake. Police asked the man at that house to turn his music volume down, which he did.

- A police officer may have to check himself for lice after responding to a report of a suicidal woman on Burdin Boulevard. When the officer arrived he patted the woman’s daughter on the head and was later told by the woman that the child had head lice. The woman said she had seen a doctor for her depression and had no intent of harming either herself or others. A report that she had slash marks on her wrists was untrue.

7/17 - An Elmer City driver was pulled over when an officer noticed that her vehicle license had expired eight months earlier. She also had a suspended driver’s license. She was cited for both offenses and her vehicle was towed.

- A man on Banks Avenue flagged an officer down and said a man on a bicycle wearing a headlamp shined it in his window. Police found the man and told him of the incident and he replied that he might have turned his head and that caused the appearance that he was shining his light in the window. He was told to go home.

- A man from Electric City told police that he lost his firearm while traveling to Post Falls and Spokane. The firearm has been reported as missing.

- Police responded to a call of a fight in Safeway’s parking lot and found a man sitting on top of a woman whom he had been punching. The man was arrested and faces charges of domestic violence assault, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was taken to Grant County Jail. A woman told police that she had pulled in beside the car where the assault was taking place and saw the man sitting on top of the woman and punching her.

- A small boy brought a stray dog to police headquarters and said it had been running loose for several days. The dog was mid-sized and black and brown in color. Police took the animal to the vet clinic.

- Police noticed a vehicle parked in the Visitor Center lower parking lot after hours and the two people were taking pictures. They told police they were taking night photos with a long exposure to get stars to show up in the backdrop of the dam. They were told to leave, and did.

7/18 - Police removed a dead deer from the roadway near Riley Point and advised USBR Plant Protection to send a crew to remove it from the side of the road.

- A store clerk told police that a man had come into the store and kept asking her out. She refused and he left the area on foot. The man was wearing a sweat-stained shirt and said he had been working out. Police looked for the subject but couldn’t find him.

- Dispatch advised police of a domestic issue on Noble Street. Police talked to a woman who said she had been struck by a man known to police and that he had just left on a bike. An officer found the man, arrested him, and found he had two spring-assisted knives in his possession. He was taken to Grant County Jail on the domestic violence issue and on two warrants for him from Grant County.

- Police went to Crescent Bay on a call that two young children had been left swimming and that they were out in the middle of the bay in inner tubes. The officer waited 30 minutes for the adult to return. Since Crescent Bay is maintained by the National Park Service, the officer called for a ranger. The ranger said he was satisfied that everyone was OK and declined to talk with anyone.

7/19 - Police responded to an alarm at Buchanan Armory in Electric City. Everything was OK when officers searched the building.

- Police responded to a domestic violence call on Continental Heights. When they attempted to enter the premises a man closed and locked the door and yelled at officers that if they attempted to come in he would shoot them. Later, he ran out the front door and was tasered. Charges of attempted assault of an officer, two incidents of intimidating a public servant, obstructing justice, resisting arrest, malicious mischief and domestic violence were all forwarded to the prosecutor and the man was taken to Grant County Jail.

Coulee Dam


7/12 - A woman who had stayed the night at the Coulee House Inn and Suites said that during the night someone had struck her vehicle. The motel staff played the security tape and were able to see a vehicle that struck hers and then left the scene. Police are looking for the guilty party.

7/15 -Two men were arrested for driving recklessly in the parking lot of the high school, and police found a baggie of what later was identified as marijuana in the vehicle along with a six-pack of beer. While the vehicle was spinning around in the lot and the pair saw the police, they exchanged places. They were taken to Okanogan County Jail on various charges.

7/16 - Grand Coulee police arrested a man after an incident that started in Grand Coulee ended up in Coulee Dam near the old swimming pool in Cole Park. The man had allegedly threatened his mother, who reported the incident to her employer, who called the police. The man is being charged with fourth-degree assault, domestic violence.

7/17 - Police and the Colville Confederated Tribes advised a woman on Fir Street that she needed to keep her dog from barking and to keep the area the dog is kept in clean.

7/19 - A man was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail for taking a car without the owner’s permission. The car had been loaned to two relatives of the owner and then taken by the arrested person later.

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