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6/26 - Police assisted a Coulee Dam officer in pursuit of a man driving at speeds up to 80 mph as he moved from below the dam into the city of Grand Coulee. The vehicle was pursued at speeds well over the speed limit until stopped on Federal Avenue. Coulee Dam police chose to charge the man; but he is also facing suggested charges in Grant County of attempting to elude police, malicious mischief, reckless driving, reckless endangerment, driving under the influence involving an accident and driving while his license was suspended. At the conclusion of the chase the man ran into one of the Grand Coulee police cars.

7/5 - A Coulee Dam driver told police that he swerved to try to avoid being hit by a Spokane driver at Four Corners. The Spokane driver said he was looking around, then pulled out, striking the other vehicle in the side.

7/6 - A homeless man from Tonasket was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail after an incident at Coulee Medical Center. Charges include felony harassment and interfering with a health care provider. The man is being seen by a mental health provider in jail.

- A couple were banned from staying in a travel trailer on “A” Street. The person responsible for the trailer told the officer that he wanted them out and didn’t want them back. The couple cleared their items from the trailer.

- One of the tour buses at Grand Coulee Dam became disabled near Riley Point and they had to bring another bus to load the passengers so the tour could continue. Police provided traffic control until the problem was solved.

7/7 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that the owner of a motorcycle and owners of some cars had parked in a restricted area and asked for help in getting the owners to move them.

- An Electric City worker told police that he was with a stolen vehicle on Sunny Drive and wanted an officer. The officer found that windows of the vehicle had been broken and the ignition punched. The vehicle was registered to a Wilbur man.

- A man on Ronald Drive reported a suspicious man in his yard. When the man was told that the police were being called he left. An officer looked but couldn’t locate the man

7/8 - While checking a noise complaint on Stevens Avenue in Electric City, officers arrested a man who repeatedly gave them a false name. Finally, the man was identified by scars and tattoos which led officers to learn that the man had a Department of Corrections pickup order. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A Butte, Montana man told police that four men threw rocks at him as he was walking to Spokane. Police could not find the men and asked him if he had enough water to try to walk to Spokane. He said when he got hot he would find a shady spot. The officer told the man that there was little shade between here and Spokane because it was largely rolling wheat land. It was suggested that he stop at a church to see if the people there might help him.

- A Safeway employee told police that a woman had tried to use a gas card belonging to the Omak School District to purchase items. He told police he seized the card and it was being returned to the Omak School District.

-A man told police that sometime during the night someone had broken into his storage/workshop on Martin Road and taken items with a combined value of $3,000. The man said he would supply a list of the items and their values.

- A contractor that was locked in at the 500 kv switchyard was rescued by a police officer who opened the gate for him.

- A man was arrested on Kent Street in Electric City and taken to Grant County Jail for violating a protection order.

- A man was banned from Safeway after he entered the store before it opened and then gave the staff a bad time when he was asked to leave.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that people were parked at the Visitor Center after hours and they wanted them to leave. Police asked the person to leave, even though there are no signs up stating the hours for parking.

7/10 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that a non-government vehicle was parked next to the Left Powerhouse and it had a dog inside. After the officer arrived, an employee came out of the building and stated that he was just inside briefly. He was informed that he couldn’t park a non-government vehicle inside and that it was 90 degrees out, too hot for a dog to be left inside a vehicle.

- Police arrested a man in Coulee Dam on a Department of Corrections warrant after officers learned that he was watching a woman’s two children at a Riverside Drive house. Both Grand Coulee and Coulee Dam officers were involved in the arrest. They arrived and found one of the children covered with sweat and locked in a vehicle, and the second child standing outside. When they called for the man, he came out of a bedroom with just his shorts on and told the officers that he was asleep when the woman left for work and didn’t know he was to watch the children.

- A man on Banks Avenue told police that his estranged wife violated a court order and drove by his place. He said that the woman was two hours late in picking up children that the two had together.

- Police noticed a Burdin Boulevard man known to be wanted on a warrant, took him into custody and then to Grant County Jail.

- A woman in a Hill Avenue apartment told police that when she went to the laundry room there was a man sleeping on the floor. Police found the man and asked him if he had a place to stay and he said he did, but wouldn’t tell the officer where. He was told to leave, and did.

7/11 - Police checked on a woman who reportedly had been assaulted, but could not find any evidence of an assault.

- Police arrested an Electric City man wanted on a warrant and took him to Grant County Jail.

- Police checked on a report of a deceased person at a Second Street address. The Grant County coroner released the body to the funeral home.

- A man living in a trailer on Electric Boulevard in Electric City told police that his landlord was going to have his trailer removed. Police talked with her about the removal and that she would be liable if the removal was against the law.

- While dealing with a civil issue, an officer came in contact with a man wanted on two warrants. He was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police talked with a woman who said a friend was suicidal. She said she was going with her to a town nearby so she wouldn’t be alone.

7/12 - A woman on Continental Heights said she had given another woman some Indian artifacts and wanted them back. Police asked that she make a list.

- Police checked a Goodfellow address in Electric City on a report of a couple in an argument. The officer’s report stated the argument was just verbal.

- A Selah man staying at Sunbanks Lake Resort stated that some people who had been drinking were next to his campsite and that his vehicle was struck by a plastic bat. He wanted to report the incident in case there was damage to his vehicle.

Coulee Dam


7/7 - Police responding to a 911 call on Camas Street found that the woman of the house said the call had been placed by mistake. A man present had blood around his nose and upper lip and reportedly had taken a fall.

7/8 - An officer went to a River Drive address on an altercation call and found two tribal officers already on the scene handling the call.

7/10 - A man on Ferry Street turned in a key he’d found in front of his home to police.

- An officer arrested a man on Riverview Drive wanted on a warrant took him to Okanogan County Jail. The officer and one from Grand Coulee went to the residence when it was learned that the man wanted was there. He was suppose to be watching two children for their mother.

7/11 - A woman on Columbia Avenue told an officer that when she looked downstairs she saw a man with a beard. Police looked for the man but couldn’t find him. They suggested to the woman and another female that they find a place to stay for the night.

- A casino employee called police to complain about a person pulling a horse trailer taking up too much parking space.

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