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6/21 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that a group was preparing to go fishing at North Dam Park as the sun was just setting. Police advised the group that it was a daylight-only area and members of the group packed up and left.

6/22 - A man told police that a neighbor’s dogs had been barking for three hours. The officer arrived and could hear the dogs, but no one answered the door.

- A woman on “E” Street advised police of a warrant out for her arrest and said she wanted to take care of it. Police found the warrant was current, so she was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- A Level 1 sex offender called police to advise them that his parole officer had granted him a seven-day visit to Grant County, but the problem was that he was staying in Coulee Dam, not in Grant County, and he wanted to have a paper trail of where he was. The man was advised that he needed to heed the directions of his parole officer.

- An Electric City man told police that he had picked up a loose dog that it didn’t have any identification tag, and that when he took it to the veterinary clinic he was told that he needed police permission to impound the dog. Police gave their OK.

6/23 - USBR Plant Protection told police that a man was sleeping in his car at the lower Visitor Center parking lot and officials wanted him to leave. The report stated that even though there are no no-parking signs posted the man was asked to leave.

- Tribal officers transferred the investigation of a reported motorcycle theft to Grand Coulee because the incident occurred in Electric City. Police are still investigating ownership of the cycle.

6/24 - The man on Roosevelt Drive complained again about his neighbor’s two dogs barking. Police went to the door, but no one answered.

- A school official told police that someone had broken windows at the back side of the middle school and left graffiti on the walls also.

- Police checked on a disturbance on King Street where there was some yelling because of loud music. One man said the other yelled at him so he got a baseball bat to protect himself. Both were told if there was a problem they should call the police.

- A Coulee Dam driver was stopped because his brake lights and tail lights were not operating correctly. The vehicle still had studded tires on it. The driver was wanted on a warrant from Marysville and had no evidence of insurance. He was cited on the insurance issue and warned on the other infractions.

6/25 - A motorhome driver who was parked in the upper Visitor Center parking lot was asked to move. It was noted that there are no signs posted on the hours when you can park there.

- Plant Protection advised police that people were fishing at North Dam Park after hours. An officer found that one of the fishermen had a warrant out for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County Jail. The others left the area.

- A visitor to the area wanted to know why there were no signs posted about firearms being banned at the dam. The man said that he and his wife both have concealed weapon permits but left their guns at home because they thought they would be banned.

- Coulee Dam police asked that Grand Coulee detain two people driving a pickup up the hill. They were wanted for questioning in a theft case. The two were stopped and asked to return to Coulee Dam where tribal police could question them.

- A van driver parked in the lower Visitor Center parking lot was asked to leave by police. The man said he didn’t see any signs that told him he couldn’t park there. Police stated there were no signs but he needed to leave, and he did.

- A Burdin Boulevard man was cited for not transferring the title to a vehicle he was buying in the allotted time and for operating the vehicle without a license.

6/26 - Police responded to a dog fight on Roosevelt Drive where a small dog had some injuries. The woman who reported the incident said she would house the injured dog until the veterinary clinic opened in the morning.

6/27 - A Seattle man was banned from a residence on Weil Place after he and the resident got into an altercation.

- Police checked on a report of a possible suicide attempt on Roosevelt Drive and talked to a man who said he didn’t intend to harm himself or others. He’d had a disagreement with his girlfriend and also told police that he was under treatment by a mental health professional.

- A 22-year-old Coulee Dam woman was cited for driving while under the influence after the vehicle she was driving nearly struck a patrol car near Cole Street. The woman acknowledged that she had been drinking at an Electric City bar and had recently smoked marijuana. Her car was impounded and after the paperwork she was released to another adult.

- Police checked on a reported domestic violence call and a woman in her mid-80s told the officer that there was no truth to the claim.

Coulee Dam


6/21 - A woman received a verbal warning for failing to use her turn signals while turning onto River Drive.

6/22 - Police checked on a driver slumped over the steering wheel while parked near the fire hall. He told the officer that he had run out of gas and was waiting for a friend to come and help him out.

- Two drivers got warnings for having defective equipment on their vehicles, both on Columbia Drive.

6/23 - Police responded to an alarm at the credit union, but the alarm was only being tested. Police stated that they had not been informed of any testing.

6/25 - A clerk at Harvest Foods said she saw a man she knew walk out of the store without paying for items he had selected. She followed him outside and around the store and yelled for him to return and pay for the items. The man ran and turned down Sixth Street.

6/26 - Two women were threatened by a large, black, pit bull dog, which cornered them on their porch before it was called by its owner and left. Police told the owner of the dog if an incident happened again, she would be fined $300.

- Police checked on a report of domestic violence at a Tulip Street residence. The resident told police that the call came from a person who saw his girlfriend at the house. He did say that there had been an argument but that nothing physical occurred.

- Police arrested a man they followed for several minutes who was violating the speed limit all the way from Coulee Dam to Grand Coulee at speeds up to 80 mph. He was cited for attempting to elude police, driving under the influence, driving while his license was suspended, and reckless driving. He was taken to Okanogan County Jail.

6/27 - Police were asked by a woman on Camas Street to have her daughter banned from her house after a check in an envelope went missing.

- Dispatch received several 911 calls from a woman who said she had jumped from a second-story window and was now stuck somewhere in a ravine near the river. Dispatch stated that they thought the calls came from somewhere in Omak and police here were advised by Tribal Police to ignore the report.

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