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6/15 - USBR Plant Protection reported a vehicle parked at Station 5 after hours. An officer learned it was a Bureau of Reclamation employee from out of town locating where a meeting was to be held the next day.

- Police found the door of the wire storage area unsecured and fixed the problem at the 230 kv switchyard.

6/16 - A man on Young Street reported that a neighbor had backed into his vehicle, causing damage. Police went to the neighbor’s door but the person wouldn’t come to the door.

- A man told police that a pit bull had made a pass at him and he slapped it away. When the dog’s owner learned of this he was irate and was heard to say he would get his “9” and come back, reported the caller, who took it as a threat.

- A man on Williams Avenue in Electric City told police he had received two phone calls from a party saying they were from the IRS. He said he knew the calls were phony.

6/17 - A Butler Square woman advised police that a bicycle had been taken from their home and gave the officer the name of an individual they thought had taken it.

- A man on probation for a driving-under-the-influence citation told an officer that the interlock device prevented him from starting his car.

6/18 - An officer checked on a loud-music complaint on Williams Avenue in Electric City. The man said he would close the windows and doors. An officer returned to the same house after receiving another complaint. This time, the man said he was turning the music off and going to bed.

- Police assisted a Bridgeport driver who had a flat tire at milepost 32 on SR-174, where the vehicle was partially blocking a lane of the highway. The officer loaned the driver his vehicle jack and the tire was changed.

- A Kelso Avenue man in Electric City was arrested on a domestic violence citation and taken to Grant County Jail. He admitted to slamming a woman’s head against the wall. The woman asked for a protection order against him. Later the same day police were advised that the man had guns and had held one up to a woman’s head. Police learned that he had two felony arrests on record and another domestic violence citation. In searching the residence police found a smoking pipe with methamphetamine residue, and this information was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

- A man on Washington Place in Electric City reported that a car parked at his place had a window broken during the night. He estimated it would take $200 to fix it.

6/19 - A man who lives on Center Street asked police for help with two girls who he said were dropped off at his house a couple of years ago. He was upset with them for writing on the doors and he said attempts to get paperwork signed so he could be legal guardian had failed. Both girls were 12 years old and the man said one had not attended school for two years.

- Police were advised by a Nespelem woman that someone had forged one of her checks in the amount of $150. Police are investigating.

- USBR Plant Protection advised that there was a person inside a disabled vehicle near the Visitor Center. The car was towed.

6/20 - Residents of an E. Grand Coulee Avenue home said that someone had entered the house while they were gone. They said that some chairs had been moved but they couldn’t determine if anything was missing. The owner thought the intruder had entered through the “doggy” door.

- A Soap Lake woman was stopped when an officer noted that the license plate light on the vehicle she was driving was not working. When the officer approached the door of the vehicle he noticed an opened vodka bottle inside. The driver was cited for the license plate violation and for having an open alcohol container inside the car.

- Officers went to a Kent Street location in Electric City where reportedly there was a lot of yelling going on. The officer found that a person was moving out of the house and people were yelling back and forth to each other.

- An officer went to a Dill Avenue location because a Life Alert alarm had been triggered. Police had to break down the door when no one answered their knock. The officer could not find anyone inside and figured that the dog might have triggered the alarm.

- An officer found a group of 10 people in the Visitor Center parking lot at 11:30 p.m. They said they were waiting for the Laser Light Show to start. They were told the show had been over for about an hour. They left.

6/21 - Police handled a dispute between neighboring businesses on Spokane Avenue where one was driving through the property of another, knocking aside a parking curb.

- A Coulee Dam man was cited for driving under the influence after he was stopped for not having his lights on after dark. He said he had had two other DUI’s. He was cited and his vehicle was impounded.

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