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Moving on, but thanks for a great place to live

Letter to the Editor


To all the wonderful folks that call the Coulee their home: This is a letter of appreciation, thanks and a bid farewell. Our greatest pleasure was meeting and interacting with each and every one of you!

The people and areas most to be missed will be Steamboat Rock State park, the best short few years my wife Annmarie and I have ever experienced. Thank you for the ones we met there. Some are still there, some have gone; however, our lives were blessed more than any would know while we were there. (If any one from out of town is reading this, life will not be right till you spend some time at Steamboat Rock State Park).

Another city all alone would be Coulee Medical Center, where my (Daniel’s) heart landed and will somehow be deeply rooted in this community because of my (our) time there. We will miss fellow employees, their tremendous dedication to their work and, most important, their mission (patients)! Truthfully, my heart will be, and is, saddened for the loss of not being there for each of you that have come through those sliding glass doors. Each one of you, young and old, thank you for allowing me to be part of your life. I hopefully was able (as you all did to my life) to bring some sort of a smile to your face! Sometimes under a great deal of sickness, and times of great sadness, my heart is filled with happiness to have been able to serve you; my memory is filled with ones come and gone! Thank you, Coulee Medical Center for giving us a place to hang out and have a fair amount of fun, (anyone looking for a career should jump to the occasion at CMC)!

I cannot forget every restaurant, all the stores, my friends at the best little casino in the world. Most of you all know that’s where I became a millionaire (ha ha). And we must never forget having the chance to live on the most beautiful little street in the world, and all the wonderful neighbors it has!

It has been great spending part of our life with you all, and so we do bid farewell to all. It’s off to where the lights never go off, where the sun blazes like fire, where roadrunners chase after each other and the rocks look like they are on fire! In short, we’re off to Vegas for another phase in our life!

So, Thank You All,

Daniel and Annmarie


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