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6/1 - MPH Auto Repair reported that someone stole a stereo out of the dash of an inoperable car behind the business. Loss of the stereo was estimated at $250 and damage to the dash $500.

– The manager of the Grand Coulee Manor apartments told police that he had found what he suspected was drugs while cleaning out one of the units. Police will dispose of the material.

6/2 - A woman on Dill Avenue told police that she wanted to report her daughter as missing. The woman told police that her daughter and granddaughter had left the day before to go to Oroville and had not checked in since.

- An officer noticed that a vehicle going past his position near North Dam Park had expired tabs. The man said he hadn’t updated his license tabs because he was short on funds. He received a citation.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that some kids were damaging signs at Pole Park. The officer talked with three juveniles who stated they were not damaging the signs. A review of security video showed one of the juveniles at one of the signs. The boy said he was just leaning on the sign and the officer could not find any damage. Nonetheless the Bureau’s Plant Protection wanted the three banned from bureau property for a month.

6/3 - A woman who lives in an apartment on Hill Avenue told police of what she felt was a threat. She said another person in the apartments said they were going to talk with the manager and get her kicked out. She was advised to talk with the manager.

- A woman on Sunset Drive in Electric City complained to police that a neighbor had damaged her fence. She was asked to document the continuing harassment and talk to the courts about the problem. A repair of the fence would cost about $80, police were told.

- A clerk at Coulee Gas told police that a woman had come into the station and paid for merchandise with a fake $10 bill. He said he wasn’t paying attention at the time and didn’t notice the fake bill. The clerk said a little later a friend of the suspect came in and he confronted her about the fake money and she left and sped off. Police have the counterfeit bill as evidence.

6/4 - A Jackson Avenue woman told police that a former boyfriend had been harassing her and wouldn’t stop calling her. She was advised to keep a log on the calls and check with the court to get a no-contact order.

- A man fishing after hours at North Dam Park said he hadn’t seen the sign and left when he was asked to leave.

- USBR Plant Protection told police that there were four individuals in the lower Visitor Center parking lot after hours. The four were asked to leave and complied. The report stated that there are no signs in the area providing the hours the area is open.

- A Keller woman was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant after police answered a domestic violence call. Police found a man and a woman on the steps of the old Stuck’s Tavern building in Grand Coulee. They said they had been arguing but there was nothing physical going on. Police checked on the two parties and found the woman wanted on a warrant. The man was from Elmer City.

- A woman on Sandy Lane in Electric City is looking at a $600 repair bill after someone hit her light pole, causing damage to the meter. Grant PUD fixed the problem but the woman has to pay even though they don’t know who struck the pole.

- Plant Protection advised police that a vehicle was blocking traffic near Riley Point. When police caught up with the vehicle it had moved to Douglas Park in Coulee Dam. The officer found out the driver was having electrical problems but said he had it figured out.

- A woman who was making noise at King’s Court was advised by police that she needed to keep her voice low because the walls in campers are very thin.

- A Moses Lake man and woman got police attention when they were parked behind Loepp Furniture and had loaded some appliances and mattresses onto their truck. The two said they had permission to take the items. Police took pictures of the load and planned to check with the store about the incident.

- A Kent woman was stopped near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam for going 46 mph in a 30 mph zone and warned for not having her insurance card with her.

- Police were called to Sunbanks Lake Resort due to a fight and a report of a burn victim. Police found a group of people keeping the fighters separated. It was reported that someone had tossed something into a fire pit and it exploded, burning both victims. Police could see several empty large hard alcohol bottles and two cases of empty beer cans scattered about. The two burn victims went in separate vehicles to Coulee Medical Center for treatment and were kept in separate rooms so they wouldn’t resume their fight.

6/6 - An Electric City man allegedly damaged a neighbor’s property while trying to connect to a trailer. The two have had property line disputes before and police took pictures of damage to the property where the truck knocked over a lighthouse structure, a no trespassing sign and damaged a rock wall. The owner of the property said his insurance company would come up with a damage amount.

- Police made a welfare check on children at a Banks Avenue location and couldn’t find anything wrong. Prior to this call, the Child Protective Services had been called and conducted an investigation.

- The Bureau of Reclamation fire department reported that five juveniles had been getting into traffic near Pole Park. They were told by an officer to stay off the road. The kids told police that a man walking his dog kept following them. Police told the man, from Electric City, to stop following the kids.

- A woman who had backed into another person’s car at Coulee Medical Center left word at the front desk giving her name and insurance company.

6/7 - Police went to Second Street where it was reported that parties were burning material that was stinking up the neighborhood. Police found only regular wood at the site. Later, a caller about the same place stated a drunk teenager had come over the fence and was calling them names. Police couldn’t find anyone that matched the description.

- An Almira woman had fallen asleep after attending a school function and had wrecked her vehicle. She was still being treated when police contacted her.

- Police checked on a report of someone throwing a large rock through a window at the old middle school to gain entry. A janitor made the complaint and police went through the building but couldn’t find anyone.

- Police assisted in a custody issue involving children at E. Grand Coulee Avenue and were able to work things out.

Coulee Dam


5/12 - Two students were suspended from school for five days each, and two others were suspended for three days each for fighting at the school.

- The parent of a student at the high school complained that a teacher had assaulted the student. However, a review of the surveillance video showed that the student was the one who shoved the teacher’s arm out of the way while she was directing him to a classroom. Police have been investigating the incident.

5/22 - A woman told police that a neighbor was telling lies about her and that she suspects the woman put dog feces on the door handle to her car. Police advised the woman to go to the court and get a restraining order.

5/31 - An officer stopped and arrested a man near the Visitor Center known to have a felony warrant out for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police stopped a woman because the headlamp in her car was out and found that she had a suspended driver’s license. A licensed driver was in the car and took control of the vehicle. Police told the first driver that she would receive a citation in the mail.

6/1 - A man staying at Coulee House Inn and Suites reported that someone had taken his backpack, which contained several expensive items. Police checked around and talked with others in rooms nearby but couldn’t find anything.

6/2 - A city worker found a backpack and turned it in to police. The backpack is being held in the evidence room since there was no identification in the pack.

6/3 - An unlicensed driver got into trouble when she backed into another car causing about $3,000 damage. She was cited and the woman who loaned the car to the unlicensed driver was told she might be in trouble also.

6/6 - A student was heard saying that some things were going to happen at the school after graduation. She later said she was just kidding and was reminded that this was not something to kid about.

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