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Last updated 6/3/2015 at 10:48am

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5/23 - Police checked on a report of guns being fired in the Osborne Bay free camping area. There were many campers in the area, but the officer could not get any information.

5/25 - A man who had defecated in the USBR’s upper Visitor Center parking lot was chased down on Marina Way and told to return to the place and clean up his mess. The report of the incident came from Plant Protection. The man told police that it was an emergency and he didn’t have any options.

- Police responded to an alarm at Banks Lake Pub in Electric City and found a delivery person who had gained access but couldn’t find out how to shut the alarm off.

- A dispute over a trailer sale brought an officer to Sunset Drive in Electric City, where a woman said the man making the purchase had called her names, so she didn’t want to sell the trailer to him. The man had paid some money down on the trailer and the balance of $300 was due. He was told to return in two hours. He returned and hooked onto the trailer and took it. The owner of the trailer told police he wanted the trailer back, and the buyer did return the trailer but refused to take his money back, saying he would seek help from the courts.

- A woman on Banks Avenue showed an officer that someone had slashed one of the tires on her vehicle.

- A report of gunshots near the free camping area in Osborne Bay attracted the attention of an officer. While there were a number of campers in the area, the officer couldn’t learn anything about where the gunshots were coming from.

- USBR Plant Protection asked police to get a motorhome parked in the lower Visitor Center to move. They moved, but the report stated that there are no signs signifying that you can’t park there after dark.

5/26 - A woman on Banks Avenue told police that someone had slashed her two front tires. She’d had one tire slashed the day before. She reported that she thought she knew who did it because they had an ongoing problem. Police went to the door of the other party and a woman dressed only in a towel answered the door and while there were wet prints on the floor the woman appeared dry, the report stated. She stated the wet spots were due to tending the dog and denied having anything to do with the slashing of the tires.

- A person whose car was backed into at Loepps Furniture exchanged insurance information with the party that did it. Both were from Coulee Dam.

- Police went to Sunbanks Lake Resort where a man was acting out because a check had failed to clear the bank.

- An 11-year-old girl who is repeatedly out of control was referred to the county juvenile detention center, which agreed to accept her. But while enroute, the officer taking her there was advised that juvenile authorities advised that they would not take the girl because she was too young. Police asked the girl to spend time in her room until she calmed down. She reportedly had kicked an adult and thrown a brush, striking a person.

5/27 - A member of the city crew helped remove a large branch that had fallen from a tree and was blocking traffic on Noble Road.

- Police assisted in getting a man out of a house on Jackson Avenue in Electric City. The man had returned from Spokane and dropped off a woman at the house and then became confused and thought he was at his own house. A man came to assist the person and it was recommended that he see a doctor.

5/28 - Police assisted the coroner’s office after a deceased woman was found in her home on Alcan Road. After information was exchanged with the coroner the body was removed by the funeral home.

5/29 - Police stopped a vehicle in the Safeway parking lot due to a faulty headlamp. As soon as the vehicle stopped, a man jumped out of the back seat and ran across the street and out of sight. The driver said he didn’t know why he ran and that he was just giving him a ride. The driver was given a ticket because he didn’t have insurance.

- Two California men were advised that they could not be in the crane area near the top of the dam. The two were taking pictures in the area. The call came from Plant Protection.

5/30 - Police advised USBR Plant Protection that street lights from Riley Point to the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam were out due to a thunder storm. Police were advised that the light problem was known and a work order was already out for repairs.

- Police checked on a report of domestic violence at a Kelso Avenue residence in Electric City. The officer learned that it was just a verbal argument.

- A report of domestic violence at a Roosevelt Drive residence brought police who found that it was just an argument between a man and a woman. The man had two warrants out for him from other counties but neither wanted to extradite him. Police left the scene.

- Police saw a man they knew was wanted on a warrant near Pole Park. He got a ride to Grant County Jail.

5/31 - Police handled a complaint of a vehicle high centered at the south end of Crescent Bay. The owner told police that the man driving the vehicle was possibly intoxicated. Damage to the vehicle was estimated at $750, and it was towed from the scene.

Coulee Dam


5/27 - Police are sending a report of student harassment to the Okanogan County prosecutor’s office for possible charges. Two students have reportedly routinely been having problems on the school bus, and police are collecting information on incidents, some caught on film. The mother of one child told police that her son had been through enough. Police told her bringing charges would be the prosecutor’s decision.

- Police found a window open at the high school and closed it.

5/28 - Police were called to a residence on Pine Street where it was reported that a couple had tried to force their way into the home. When the other couple was finally reached they were told they were banned from the Pine Street house and would be arrested if they tried to enter again.

5/29 - A driver was stopped for a headlamp problem but was advised that he was only getting a warning.

- A woman on Camas Street showed police what she thought was a power line down in her backyard extending into the neighbor’s backyard. Police stated they would call the power utility.

- A vehicle was stopped on Columbia Avenue because the driver didn’t have his lights on. He told police it was a rental car and he didn’t know how to turn the lights on. A check of his driving record showed that his license was suspended, so a passenger who had a valid license took over driving. The officer stated he was forwarding the report to the Douglas County prosecutor’s office for possible charges.

5/30 - A clerk at Harvest Foods prevented a customer from taking a package of pork chops without paying for them. He told police he wanted to ban the perpetrator from the store.

5/31 - Police stopped a walker on Highway 155 who was known be wanted on a warrant. They arrested him and took him to Grant County Jail.

- Police stopped a car near the fire station because its front head lamp was out. The officer found the driver had a suspended license, and a passenger with a valid license took over operation of the vehicle. The driver was advised she would receive a citation in the mail.

- A driver who failed to use his turn signals was warned by police after being stopped at Roosevelt Way and River Drive.


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