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Zoning change hearing set for Tuesday


More than 30 people have submitted comments on proposed zoning amendments, and the public will have further opportunity to comment at a public hearing schedule for 6 p.m., Tuesday, June 2, at Electric City’s council chambers.

The zoning amendments address regulations on the height and overall size of accessory buildings, fencing issues and home business occupations. Tuesday marks the end of a 60-day public comment period.

City officials said planner Kurt Danison will be at Tuesday’s meeting.

The public hearing has been scheduled for the council chambers, but may be moved to the fire hall to provide a larger space.

The accessory building amendment issue has been a hot one and has occupied the attention of both council and the city’s planning commission for nearly two years. It became so contentious that it resulted in the resignation of three planning commission members.

The planning commission had worked on finding a middle ground on the size of accessory buildings, recommending increasing the allowed size from 850 square feet to 1,728 square feet, and it seemed that everyone was aboard.

But when it got to the council, its members voted to lift the restriction on size, then were later advised by planner Danison to adopt the standards of the International Building Code, which allows for 3,000 square feet. The three planning commission members — Monty Fields, Carl Russell and Ray Clover — all resigned in protest.

The public on Tuesday night will have further opportunity to address the proposed amendments before the city council.

The fence issue defines height and location fences can be placed. That and the home occupations amendments haven’t been nearly as contentious.

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Reader Comments

Mark Payne writes:

One more comment that I forgot to add is that on Tuesday the 26th I personally handed in 65 public comments that were all in favor of the Electric City council passing the ECMC title 18 as proposed by the council. I also know of at least 20 more that were also handed in in favor of it passing. Another thank you to all the different people from all over the city that took the time to make comment.

Mark Payne writes:

The only people that I knew were on board with 1728 number was city hall and the old Mayor. Also the planning commission resigned a month or maybe before the 3000 square feet came up at the council meeting. That number was not made up by the new planner Danison, it came when city hall checked with their new Building inspecting company The Building Department Inc.They sent a letter at the request of city hall to look at what size building are legal to be built in Electric City, this was all going on during the month the City council thought they voted to send it for 60 day review . Up to 3000 is the that is why the council voted to except that recommendation.