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Grand Coulee Police

5/12 - A local bank reported to police that an employee had been terminated for taking money and the official provided surveillance footage to police.

- Police found four subjects in the area of the Tanner gates near North Dam Park after hours and all left the area.

5/13 - A man who found a card holder that belonged to an assault victim turned it in to police. The holder contained several government keys.

- An apartment owner on Main Street told police that a resident had been asked to leave but had returned to the property.

- The Washington State Patrol asked Grand Coulee to check on a two-vehicle accident at Milepost 24 on SR-174. Police directed traffic in the area until the highway area was cleared.

- Police checked on a neighborhood dispute on Butler Square, where a woman told police that a neighbor had yelled at her when she got out of her car. The neighbor denied it.

- A driver who failed to yield to a police patrol car wanting to pass was cited. The man told the officer he was focused on the road and didn’t see the patrol car.

5/14 - Coulee Playland officials reported to police that there was a suspicious bag in the area. The bag appeared to be a canvas tool holder which contained old sheet and computer parts. It was disposed of.

- A mother on Weil Place reported that her daughter had broken into her residence and was found in the bathtub. The mother said her daughter had a number of clothing items and she just wanted them back. She refused to press charges.

- A Wilbur driver was struck by a Puyallup driver at the Four Corners intersection. The drivers exchanged information, and neither suffered extensive damage to their vehicles.

- USBR Plant Protection objected to a Seattle photographer with a camera on a tripod. It was thought he might be taking pictures of security operation. The officer looked at the pictures and saw that they were of the dam.

- A man caused a disturbance at Sunbanks Lake Resort when he was told that he couldn’t bring his dog in with him to the Blues Festival. He left the area before police arrived.

- Police responded to Electric City on the report of a man hearing a gunshot. They learned that a woman had been out by Osborne Bay shooting a gun.

- A man at the city shop reported that he could hear arguing from a trailer nearby. Police checked and found that a man and a woman were arguing, but nothing physical had transpired.

5/15 - A Spokane driver was stopped for faulty brake lights and the officer found that his insurance had expired. He was cited for the insurance infraction.

- An Omak driver was stopped for exceeding the speed limit and because her license tabs had expired. She was cited for the expired tabs.

- USBR Plant Protection objected to two trucks getting ready to camp in the parking lot of the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam. Police advised the parties that they couldn’t camp there and they left.

- Police checked on a disabled vehicle in the USBR Visitor Center parking lot. The driver said that he had left his lights on while in the Visitor Center and his battery was run down. The driver said he had AAA but they would have to come from Moses Lake. The officer asked a Bureau of Reclamation employee to go get a set of jumper cables at the guard shack. He returned and said he couldn’t help because of USBR liability. A nearby motorist assisted with jumper cables.

5/16 - A man near Continental Heights called police to report that there was a person slumped over by the church. Police found a woman who said she was carrying a lot of stuff and got tired and stopped to rest. She told the officer that a person had been called to come help her but that they might not come if they saw police there.

- Police responded to a report of a bear at Pole Park. The report stated that when the officer arrived, the bear stood up and was a little over 5 feet tall. The bear turned and went down toward the bay. The officer called the Fish & Wildlife Department.

- A Grand Coulee man was cited for assault after he allegedly struck an Electric city man in a dispute over a weed whacker.

- Police were asked to assist Tribal Police officers who said that a combative woman was being brought into Coulee Medical Center for treatment. An EMT on the transport said she had been scratched and punched. Tribal police were in charge of the incident.

5/17 - A woman on Coulee Boulevard East was given a warning after police were called twice the same day because of her yelling and causing a disturbance.

- Police responded to two 911 hang-up calls coming from Diamond in Electric City and were told that they were having trouble with the phone because their dog had chewed through the line.

- A clerk at Safeway said that a dog was running in and out of the store and was being a nuisance. The former owner of the dog came and took the dog away.

- A Burdin Boulevard man was arrested for assault, and domestic violence was added because he had formerly lived at the Electric City residence where the incident occurred. The man is being charged because he allegedly threw a grill grate at and hit his grandfather on the arm, causing an abrasion.

Coulee Dam Police

5/10 - A driver was stopped on River Drive because his vehicle didn’t have a front license plate and received a warning from the officer.

- A driver was stopped on River Drive for following the vehicle in front of him too closely. A warning was given.

- An officer advised a driver that rolling through the intersection without a full stop wasn’t permitted. He got a warning notice.

5/12 - A man on Stevens Avenue reported to police that someone had taken a bag of old tools out of his wife’s car.

- Police were called to the Lake Roosevelt High School office where a fight was reported. A relative of a girl stated that she wanted an attorney, so the interview was ended.

- A driver lucked out twice as an officer gave warnings for driving over the center line and for having a rear stop light not functioning properly.

- Police got a call to the Coulee Station because a Hummer had a flat tire and there was an argument. Police arrived and found a Hummer with two flat tires and no argument.

- Police checked on a report of a domestic dispute at a residence on Cedar Street. Both parties reported that nothing had happened.

5/13 - A restaurant owner asked three people to leave his establishment because they were intoxicated and using bad language. The officer looked for the trio but was unable to find them. Later one of the three complained to police about being asked to leave. She said the other two were intoxicated but she wasn’t.

- Police were asked to come and retrieve a gun that was found by a cleaning crew going through a repossessed trailer. The gun turned out to be a pellet gun.

5/16 - Police were asked to check on a resident on Aspen Street because a person had been calling all morning and no one answered the phone. The resident said she had been working in the yard all morning.

- Police stopped a vehicle that had a faulty headlamp and found that the driver didn’t have insurance. He was cited on the insurance matter.

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