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5/4 - Plant Protection advised that two boats were tied to the buoy line at the canal near North Dam Park. The fishermen agreed to move back.

- Police checked on a report that a man had fallen on Federal Avenue. The officer found a man who said he had just been at the senior center and was on his way home but his legs were not working right.

- An Electric City man told police that someone had placed a trailer on his property. Police found a 22-foot trailer registered in Montana and some other material on the site. Police asked that the trailer be removed. They stepped up patrols in that area.

- Police checked on a report that kids were riding their bikes in the middle of Burdin Boulevard. The kids were no longer there when an officer arrived on the scene.

- Police checked on a 911 hang up call on Western Avenue in Electric City and found some kids had been playing with the phone.

5/5 - A woman told police that a former brother-in-law now living in Spokane was harassing her, calling her at both her home and at her work. Police are asking that the report be reviewed for possible harassment charges.

- Plant Protection advised that a vehicle was parked alongside the road near Pole Park with its flashers on. Police found a man collecting trash from the roadside.

Police are investigating some graffiti painted on the canal bridge on SR-174, where someone painted “Blood Moon.”

- An officer found a known wanted Electric City man near the post office and took him to Grant County Jail on the warrant.

- A man living in an apartment on Continental Heights was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail after he allegedly threatened and blocked a doorway so a medical provider couldn’t leave the room. He is being charged with unlawful imprisonment and assault in the third degree. He fled the hospital and was later found at his apartment.

- A reported “cowboy” damaged another vehicle in the Electric City Bar & Grill parking lot. The driver of the vehicle was identified to police and an officer went to his home, but the man was not there. Police are investigating.

5/7 - Plant Protection advised police that there were two men digging in the Washington Flats area. The two men explained that they were digging their own lead from a shooting range there.

- A school bus driver told police that a fire truck had traveled fast as it came past his bus while he was unloading children at the corner of Electric Boulevard and Park Avenue in Electric City.

- It was reported that a woman at Four Corners was jumping into traffic. When confronted, the woman said she was just trying to get cell phone reception.

- A Lynnwood driver was stopped for going 35 mph over the speed limit through Electric City. The driver was cited for the speed, having a tail light problem on his trailer, driving while his license was suspended and having open alcohol containers in the vehicle.

- A man and a woman continued an argument about bills at his place of business. The man told police that it was just an argument, nothing more.

5/8 - A man on Silver Drive in Electric City told police he saw a cougar behind his house. He said he advised his neighbor of the animal. The cougar was gone when police arrived.

- A woman on Hill Avenue reported to police that someone had stolen a $150 weed eater from a shed.

- USBR Plan Protection advised an officer that a disabled vehicle was blocking the roadway on SR-155 near the pumping plant. The driver explained that it just quit running. Later he got a friend to come and tow his vehicle to Four Corners.

- A man police knew was wanted on a warrant had some luck when the county jail said they didn’t have any room. The man received citations for having no valid operator’s license, no proof of insurance, no registration in his vehicle and for obstructing a police officer by switching places with a passenger during a traffic stop.

5/9 - Police observed a man on Coulee Boulevard East in Electric City whose face was swollen and bloody. His friends said he had been sucker punched, but he didn’t want to press charges.

- A report of a burglary in progress turned out to be a woman going into a house with the intent, the report stated, to settle into the vacant house. The woman in charge of the house said the woman had been banned from the property.

- Police had to have people attending the rodeo to move their cars because they were blocking the roadway.

- An 18-year-old was cited for obstructing a law enforcement officer at North Dam Park when officers responded to a disturbance where a number of young people were reportedly fighting. Police said he failed to respond to an officer who had told him to stop and that he struggled when the officer tried to handcuff him. About seven people were involved, the report stated.

- A woman at the carnival told a police officer that she had found a small child who didn t know his parent’s name. A short time later, the child was identified and his guardian found.

- Police responded to a disturbance at King’s Court RV Park and found that it was just an argument. A driver was told not to drive since she was suspended, and later her brother came to take charge of the vehicle.

- A cell phone found by a carnival worker was turned over to police who were able to get it back to its owner.

- A woman told police that someone had been posting bad comments about her on Facebook. The officer asked that the postings be photographed to see if charges might be filed.

5/10 - People at Coulee Boulevard East in Electric City were told to turn their loud music down, and they complied.

- Douglas County officials asked local assistance in a domestic violence case until they could arrive. A man who allegedly struck a woman several times, was arrested and taken to jail.

5/11 - Police checked on a report of domestic violence at Roosevelt Drive residence and could not determine if the call was valid.

- A woman who had been getting her hair cut reported to police that someone had hit her car and then advised her of a number to call when she had information on what it would cost to repair the damage. She said she tried to call the number but it wasn’t a working number.

- The city crew found a gym bag at the city park and brought it to police headquarters. It was returned to the owner.

- An Electric City resident on Gold Avenue told police that a neighbor had an obscene sign in the window of his vehicle. Police went to the owner of the vehicle, who stated that the neighbor complaining had cursed at him. Police said when things like that occur they should report it to the police.

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