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Grand Coulee


4/27 - Police interrupted some juveniles that were cutting some shrubbery at an abandoned house on Fortuyn Road. The youth were advised to stop doing this and complied.

– A woman on Goodfellow Street in Electric City told police that she was the victim of identity theft. She said that she had a call on a credit card issue and couldn’t have made the charges because she was incarcerated at the time. She was advised to call her bank and cancel the card.

4/28 - Police arrested a woman on E. Grand Avenue for fourth-degree assault after she allegedly threw a bottle that struck another person. Enroute to Grant County Jail she kicked at the barred side window and the officer had to stop and hobble her so she couldn’t kick. Then the woman started hitting her head, and the hobble eventually came loose. She was admitted to jail.

- An officer was contacted by a man who, while hiking, had come upon a spinal column near Eden Harbor Road. It was determined that the spinal column was that of a young deer.

- A man found a dog, and, through the efforts of the officer, the dog was returned to its home in Electric City.

- A resident of Banks Avenue reported the theft of a solar light from the driveway.

- A woman on Third Street in Electric City reported that a neighbor came to her door and threw her dog down and complained about it getting in his yard.

4/29 - A man on Fifth Street NE was arrested for fourth-degree assault and taken to Grant County Jail after a neighbor reported he saw him hitting a woman in and about the head.

- A man on Stevens Avenue in Electric City was cited for a noise violation.

4/30 - A Burdin Boulevard resident was stopped when an officer noticed he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. The man was later cited for this, for not transferring the title to his vehicle within 45 days and for making false statements to a police officer.

- An officer was requested to stand by while a stalled vehicle at the top of the dam got gas so it could move again.

- Police checked on a report of a man walking around near a Crest Avenue apartment in Electric City swinging an axe.

- Police found a man who said he was making videos on his martial arts to sell. The man had in his possession some kind of martial arts tool.

- An officer followed up on a report of a woman thought to be suicidal. When the officer found her at North Dam Park she was laughing and joking and apparently OK.

5/1 - Plant Protection advised police of a man staggering in the road near the bank on Midway Avenue. The officer found an intoxicated man who said he was just trying to get to his home. The officer took him home.

- Jack’s Four Corner station advised police of a bicycle propped up against their building that had been there for about three weeks. The city crew picked up the bicycle and took it to the police department.

- Safeway called police to say that there was a dog left in a car and it was panting from the heat. The car was gone when police arrived.

- Police were advised that there had been an assault involving young juveniles near Center School. One boy claimed that he had been hit with a metal pole and also had two bites. The officer talked to the other boy and he denied involvement. Police are still investigating.

- A Burdin Boulevard resident told police that a man drove by and yelled threatening remarks including the use of a gun. Police found that man in Elmer City and would have arrested him on harassment charges, but the Grant County Jail was full. Police will still try to get charges on the case.

- Police checked into a report that a dog with seven puppies had been left at a house on Second Street. The officer found that the former tenant returned daily and had planned to move the animals to his mother’s place.

- A man on Dill Avenue told police that a man was trespassing on his property. The officer that took the call knew that the trespasser was wanted on a warrant. Police went to the residence and arrested the man and took him to Grant County Jail.

- Police gave a man on E Street a warning for playing loud music.

5/2 - A man on VanTyne who allegedly made threats against his mother and another woman was arrested and will be booked into Grant County Jail.

- Two people were rescued by boat by USBR and NPS employees after their rubber raft started to deflate near Eden Harbor.

- Police checked on a report that a man was walking in circles talking to himself on Main Street. The person wasn’t found.

- A man living in a Main Street apartment reported a burglary and loss of some items. He was unable to provide a list of missing items but told police he would work on it.

5/3 - Police responded to a call that music was too loud from a residence on E Street. The man agreed to turn the music down.

5/4 - A man on Burdin Boulevard reported vandalism, with a sprinkler head broken and feces in his parking lot. Police are stepping up patrols in the area.

- Police took a juvenile wanted on an arrest warrant to Okanogan County Jail.

- A man who gave an address of Nespelem was arrested for malicious mischief, displaying a weapon to intimidate and for obstructing a police officer after he allegedly smashed windows in a vehicle a few blocks from his home. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

Coulee Dam


4/26 - Police checked on a residence on Holly Street, where a woman said her boyfriend had reported a problem to get even with her.

4/27 - Police checked on a disturbance at the Galaxy Smoke Shop and were told that there was a dispute between two people about a no-contact court order, but the two got in separate vehicles and left.

- A woman got a warning on Central Drive for talking on her cell phone while driving.

- Police were asked to do a welfare check on a 13-year-old at a Central Drive residence. The child was OK.

4/29 - A woman on Camas stated that someone had attempted to gain access to her house by trying to open her back door. Police couldn’t find anyone in the vicinity.

- Police got a report of two young persons coming out of a garage on Central Drive. Police found some marijuana and a pipe inside and are investigating.

4/29 - Police got a report of a suicidal high school girl at the tennis courts. She was holding a sharp item and said she was going to harm herself. She was eventually taken to Coulee Medical Center where a mental health professional was called.

4/30 - An ambulance took a Lake Roosevelt High School student to the hospital after a report that she had taken several pills from a bottle she had in her possession.

5/2 - A woman was stopped because her license plate light was burned out. She was informed that she needed to get the light repaired.

- A man was stopped on River Drive because he failed to signal. He later was cited for not having insurance and was warned on the signal offense.

5/3 - A boy who had his arm twisted told police that he didn’t want to press charges against the boy who did it but wanted an apology. The other boy apologized and the two shook hands ending the problem, according to the police report.

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