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4/13 - A man on Banks Avenue told police that a light bar had been taken from his residence and said that it matched one seen on his separated wife’s boyfriend’s car. The woman told police that she had taken the bar before separation and before a no-contact order had been issued. Police explained it was a civil matter.

4/15 - The American Legion asked for more patrols of the area because they had evidence that maybe someone has been trying to take a piece of equipment.

- A woman on Roosevelt Drive advised police that her granddaughter had run away. She said that she had been blocked from the girl’s Facebook account.

- A man was arrested on a warrant and taken to Grant County Jail after police noticed his pickup parked at Safeway. Police went to the apartment where he was staying to make the arrest.

- A man who lives on D Street showed police a check he received in the mail that was part of a scam. Police made a record of the check.

4/16 - Police checked on a pickup that had been parked at Sky Deck Motel for about two weeks to see if it had been stolen. It checked out okay.

- USBR Plant Protection advised an officer that someone was driving around the 500 kilovolt switchyard perimeter. Police found a man who said he was checking the area to see where a new tower would be constructed. The man checked out okay.

4/17 - An official at the Eagles Lodge called to report a suspicious person in the area. Police learned the man was from Coulee Dam, but he wasn’t breaking the law.

- A woman on Center Street reported that her 11-year-old daughter was missing. She soon called back to report the child was just hiding in the house.

- A Butler Square man was cited on two counts of communication with a minor for immoral purposes and for making false statements to a public servant.

- Police assisted a woman who had a flat tire and no spare near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam. Her vehicle was towed to Les Schwab for repairs.

- An officer took a walking stroll on Burdin Boulevard to check on a report of dogs running loose. He was followed by two small dogs and they led him to a home where there were six dogs. The officer said they needed to get rid of some dogs because the city only allows for two.

4/18 - A woman was stopped on Martin Road for going 32 mph in a 20 mph zone and was cited.

- Police were notified that a bicyclist had ridden around the barrier at Grand Coulee Dam’s Station 5. Police arrived and found that the person was a recent security force hire.

- A man on Continental Heights said he has repeatedly been awakened at 2 a.m. by loud conversations under his patio window. He told police he would try to get a video of it and was advised to call when it happened not the next day.

4/19 - Police were called about an unruly patient at Coulee Medical Center. The officer assisted in placing the patient in soft restraints.

- Plant Protection advised police of a suspicious person taking pictures at the parking lot below the Visitor Center at Grand Coulee Dam. Police found a retired Bureau of Reclamation employee, a bird watcher, taking pictures of the osprey in the nest nearby.

4/20 - Police did a welfare check at a residence on Van Tyne Avenue after receiving a report of yelling going on. The officer noted a boy agitated, but nothing harmful going on.

- Police checked on a report of a 14-year-old runaway and found the girl on Main Street. She was taken to her aunt’s place because she was having problems with her guardian.

- Police checked on an 86-year-old woman on Park Avenue in Electric City. Her phone wasn’t working and she went to a neighbor’s house to call the phone company for repairs.

Coulee Dam


4/12 - A Coulee Dam driver, in his haste to get to a location on Fir Street because he was afraid his girlfriend was suicidal, passed another car in a no-passing zone and threw gravel against its windshield causing it to crack in two places. The man told police that he thought he was going 55 mph. Police are forwarding the information to the county and asking that the man be cited for reckless driving.

4/15 - A person found a BMX bike and placed it at the police department door. It is being held for the owner.

4/16 - A student at Lake Roosevelt was suspended after school officials found drug paraphernalia in his backpack. Police are sending the report to Okanogan County juvenile authorities for possible charges.

4/17 - Police responded to a suicide attempt call on Pine Street. The woman involved said she wanted to talk with a tribal officer. When a tribal officer arrived, the Coulee Dam officer left the scene.

4/19 - An Omak woman told police that when she entered the restroom at Mason City Park she could smell marijuana, and she gave police information on two women that had just left the area. The two couldn’t be located.

4/20 - A town worker found several things at a park picnic table and turned them in to police. The Lake Roosevelt Elementary School was called and the students notified that police had their items.

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