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4/5 - A Roosevelt Drive woman advised police that her grandson is missing and that she was fearful that he might be using drugs.

4/6 - Police have been bothered by a man who wants to be involved with a woman at a location on Main Street. The man keeps asking police to do a welfare check on the woman, who apparently doesn’t want anything to do with him. The officer advised her to let the man know that she wants him to stop doing this.

- An intoxicated man reported to police that the owner of an establishment in Electric City owed him money and had tried to run him over. The owner of the establishment denied the charge. The officer could not get a clear feel for the event and decided not to file charges.

- Two teenage girls got into a slugfest at the Grand Coulee Public Library. An officer learned that one girl was mocking the mother of the other girl. There was slugging, pushing and more hitting. The librarian interceded and asked that the pair be banned from the library for the day.

4/7 - Police tried to serve a subpoena to a person on Hillcrest Place in Electric City only to learn that the person had moved.

- A vehicle broke down at Nelson and Midway and was leaking fuel. The fire department responded and helped clean up the leaked fuel.

- A 26-year-old man was seen walking down Main Street punching himself in the face. The officer recognized that the man was wanted on a warrant, arrested him and took him to Grant County Jail.

- Police checked on a report of a traffic problem on Burdin Boulevard. When the officer arrived a man came out and apologized for having an argument with his girlfriend over dogs getting loose.

4/8 - A Moose Lodge official told police that they had just painted their doors and then someone tried to break in. The report stated that there were pry marks on the wood frame of the door.

- USBR Plant Protection told police that someone had dumped a black bag over the wall near the Roosevelt bust. Upon investigation the officer learned that a woman who works for the contractor that takes care of the grounds regularly dumps weeds over the wall.

- A man on Midway Avenue told police that he left his cellphone on a charger in his vehicle when he went to work. He said when he went back out there were sticks and rocks piled on the driver’s door and windshield. And his name was spelled out in a smeared place on his side window. Police tried to lift prints.

- A woman reported that someone had damaged her car while she was in a parking lot. Police found the driver, who had fled the scene, and learned that his driver license had been suspended. He was cited for that, for the hit and run, and for not having insurance.

- Police checked on a 911 hang up call and found that an intoxicated female had called because her mother came and got her car because she didn’t want her daughter driving after drinking.

4/9 - Police saw a light coming from the lower ballfield at North Dam Park after dark and found a couple who were apparently intoxicated inside a truck. The man tried to use a credit card to identify himself and the woman’s speech was slurred. After asking the man to get out of the truck, the officer noted his belt was undone and his zipper down. He said he’d had about four or five beers while sitting there. He was advised to call for a ride home and not to move his rig. USBR Plant Protection was advised that the truck would be at that location overnight.

- A man on Lincoln Avenue in Electric City said that when he came out of his house he noticed that his Ford Explorer was gone. He said the keys were in the vehicle and it had about five gallons of gas in the tank. The vehicle theft was reported to other agencies.

- An officer reported that he found a deer that had been badly injured on SR-174 and had to kill it.

- Safeway reported that a man had passed a check for $61.28 on an account that had been closed. The officer recognized the name on the check belonged to a person who had reported her vehicle stolen. Police checked the tape of the incident and are looking for the man who forged the check.

- An officer noted that a number of rocks were in the roadway in the lower Visitor Center area. The rocks were removed.

- Police were called to a Butler Square residence for a domestic violence report and learned that the wife had struck her husband three times. She was later found near the Strate Funeral Home, arrested for assault and taken to Grant County Jail.

4/10 - There was a report of a stolen vehicle at Coulee Gas. It turned out that the reported stolen vehicle was found at the home of the person who reported it missing.

4/10 - A driver pulling a 40-foot trailer hit posts guarding the gas tanks four times at Coulee Gas and then pulled away. He told the attendant that he forgot he was pulling such a long trailer. It wasn’t determined if there was damage to the posts.

- A woman on Center Street told police that someone entered an unlocked door and took four studded tires from her basement. She was going to contact Les Schwab to determine the value of the tires.

4/12 - A man on Stevens Avenue in Electric City probably needs to polish his manners. An officer received a complaint of loud music coming from the house and knocked on the door. The resident, who has been warned about his loud music many times, cussed the officer out. The officer wrote up a citation and left it on a chair on the porch.

- A woman on Division Street reported that someone had entered her vehicle and taken two underwater cameras. She said she did leave the car unlocked.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard told police that she felt threatened by two people who had pulled in near her vehicle. Police were told that the two didn’t like the woman taking pictures and thought it illegal. Police told the pair that she could take pictures if she wanted to.

Coulee Dam


4/7 - USBR Plant Protection reported a man on the Coulee Dam Bridge acting strangely. Police found him in Douglas Park playing with airplanes and throwing up a plastic toy dinosaur, playing catch with himself. The officer’s report stated the man, in his mid-20s, was just having fun and was not causing any problems.

4/8 - An intrusion alarm was reported on Lincoln Avenue but police checked the building found nothing wrong.

4/9 - Police stopped a vehicle that was going 67 mph on the Elmer City Access Road. The man had been drinking, and he field tested poorly. He was driving with a suspended license. He was cited for driving under the influence and the license problem and taken to Okanogan County Jail.

4/11 - Police assisted a tribal police officer who was chasing a suspicious person. The person who was later found at a Camas Street location ended up ducking out the back door while police were running a check on him. They found a warrant for his arrest and he is being sought.

- Dispatch advised police that a truck driver had reported that a woman parked next to his truck had a weapon on her hip. The officer checked and found that the woman had a weapons permit.

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