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By Jesse Utz 

Easter Revelations

Jess Shut Up


This past weekend and the week leading up to Easter was a revealing week for me. My wife and I took part in some long lasting traditions that have been around for thousands of years. All were eye opening and shined a spotlight on my past mistakes, my current situation and my future. No I was not sitting in front of a crystal ball, nor was I having some kind of Scrooge moment. I was just listening and seeing what was right in front of me. Let me explain.

First, I must tell you that not everyone will understand these events that I will briefly explain but I recommend you do some investigation of your own. OK, so there is a book by Larry Huch, “4 Blood Moons”. We have been reading this, and it is very revealing about the phenomenon of the blood moon. As a matter of fact, it happened early Saturday morning; we got up and looked at it. Why have I not ever heard of this before this year? This is very significant.

We also took part in a Passover dinner Friday evening. Also very revealing. I examined my past, my current status and what the future might look like. Israel, where our background of Christianity is birthed, is full of Jewish traditions and ceremonies that are there for a reason. It was so heart filling and heart breaking to think about where we are as a culture. A culture who embraces culture, yet we sometimes cut up maybe the most important cultures into a “Salad Bar” and only take the stuff we want. The full course of offerings is there for a reason and we must embrace it. Your second assignment, look into the Jewish traditions and understand what they represent.

Sunday morning/Easter morning there was a powerful service at church. Once again the theme of understanding what actually happened many years ago in Jerusalem. The people involved, a rabbi, two carpenters, a convict and an executive all told their stories and how they failed their King but also how they also knew their future because of it. Because of what you might ask? Well the real reason for Easter. Jesus Christ. You all know what happened but do you know why it happened? I do but do you? Assignment number three. Go dust off you bible or go online and read about the Man. Study the words used, go deeper, understand it and then, well, you got some big choices to make. Trust me, it will be worth it. Even life changing.

Sunday afternoon, we got together with family. For some reason, this gathering had special meaning. It seemed to be fuller of Love and Inspiration then many other celebrations have had. Peace and joy surrounded us. I thought back to all the trials and tribulations we all had gone through in our lives and was so glad I was right here in this moment. A few years ago I did not see myself having this kind of life moment at this time in my life. At that time I only saw the disease and the limitations that came with that. I could not see any kind of joyful moment. But as we laughed together, at my expense sometimes, I looked into the eyes of the people I loved and knew this was right. This was the meaning right now, this was the future.

We all make mistakes or have powerful disasters in our life but if we are willing to look to the past and the future and are willing to change the things we are required to change we can pull ourselves out of the “Mud” we find ourselves in. I know, this column is a little cloudy and leaves a lot to you to figure out but that is the point. I can’t write your story for you, you got to do the work if you really want it. But know this, you are not alone. A carpenter, destined to be king a long time ago, who died like a common criminal in a most violent way, thought of you in his final moments. He is still walking with you today. Grab His hand. He will help you run again. I’m just saying.

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