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3/27 - School officials reported to police that there had been another entry into Center Elementary School. The school has been broken into on several occasions recently. This time, they got onto the roof of the extension building and broke a window. Nothing was missing.

- A Banks Avenue house was broken into, and the owner, who lives in Renton, was notified. The front door of the house had been forced.

- Police were called to a residence on Roosevelt Drive because of a suicidal man who had a gun. He was gone by the time police arrived, and ended up in Omak. Police made an effort to reach the man through his cell phone but failed.

- A man on Noble Road told police that someone had attempted to enter his house through both the front and side doors. They failed to gain entry, and the man said they might have been scared off because of the dogs.

3/28 - A man entered the USBR’s 500 kV Switchyard without using his ID badge. He was told not to park his private vehicle inside the fence and hereafter to use his ID badge for entry.

- An officer conducted the switchyard lock-ups and found one of two gates unsecured.

3/29 - A woman on Jackson Avenue in Electric City told police that someone had used a large rock to smash her windshield.

- A disturbance on Burdin Boulevard brought an officer to a residence where a woman who used to live at the place had returned to get some of her stuff. The man said he didn’t have a problem with that but he didn’t want any of his things taken. The officer encouraged the pair to work things out.

- A man who had been banned permanently from H&H Grocery in Electric City refused to leave the property. An officer caught up with the man and issued him a citation.

3/30 - An Electric City man told police that a neighbor kept throwing trash onto his property at Stevens Avenue and also played his music too loud. The man said he was just shooting some cans with his bb gun. He agreed to pick up the trash and turn his music down.

- A woman at Continental Heights complained that a tenant upstairs made a lot of noise. The manager of the apartment complex offered to move the woman to another apartment but she declined the offer.

- A man flagged an officer down and reported that he was wanted on a warrant and he wanted to turn himself in. He was arrested and taken to jail.

- A woman on 5th Street NE in Electric City told police that her stepson kept trying to store some material at her place and she refused and she wanted him banned from her property. Police were looking for the man to advise him he was banned from the property.

4/1 - A man on Hill Avenue told police that someone had taken a bag out of his garbage container and the contents were scattered about. When police arrived the mess had already been cleaned up.

- Exchanges of text messages between a shopkeeper and a resident ended up with each wanting the other banned from their property. The officer advised the pair to stop texting each other.

- A woman on First Street reported a violation of a protection order she had against a former boyfriend. She told police that he had called her three times and knocked on her bedroom window. According to the protection order the man cannot contact her or go to her residence.

- Police were called to a house on Section Place NE, on an animal complaint. Police knocked on the door of the residence and could see someone inside who turned the lights out and refused to come to the door. The officer looked around but couldn’t see any stray dogs.

4/2 - A man called from an Electric City motel to ask for help. When officers found where he was they found him passed out and were unable to wake him. An ambulance was called and EMTs were able to rouse the man, but he refused treatment. He was told to eat something and to stop drinking.

- Police were advised of loud music coming from a house on Stevens Avenue in Electric City. They found a man, who said he couldn’t sleep, sitting outside listening to music. The officer couldn’t hear the music but the man said he would keep the volume down.

- An Electric City man advised police that there was a car parked down near the outside basketball court at the former middle school, and he thought it was strange. Police found that the vehicle belonged to someone in Mansfield.

- A 20-year-old California man, who had ties in Electric City, was stopped because of light problems on the vehicle he was driving. He couldn’t produce a driver’s license and allegedly gave police false information. The officer is recommending to the prosecutor that the man be charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer, intimidating a public servant and driving while his license is suspended.

4/3 - Police told a man that he was banned from his stepmother’s residence in Electric City.

- Police stood by while a woman packed her things to move from a Kelso Avenue residence in Electric City after a domestic issue.

- A woman on Division told an officer that a neighbor’s dog had been barking under her bedroom window, so she had gone over and said something to her neighbors, who were new to the area. She said they were rude to her. Police checked but couldn’t hear any dogs barking.

- A woman on Roosevelt Drive told police that her grandson was missing. The officer talked with some people that the grandson was active with and finally found that he was in an apartment on Hill Street. When the grandson was found he was taken back to his grandmother’s place.

- Police arrested a man on Section Place NE who was banned from the home where he was. Police had been informed by dispatch of a fight at that location. When the officer arrived, he found the man who had been banned from the property on the front porch. He was arrested for trespassing and also for assault as a result of a fight he had with his brother over boots.

4/4 - An officer stopped a vehicle with expired tabs and found that the driver didn’t have a license and was wanted on a warrant. He was arrested on the warrant and taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police found an unsecured door at a business on Midway Avenue. Police secured the building after contacting the owner of the business.

4/5 - A Grand Coulee woman told police that another woman was making obscene text and phone messages to her about some items she claimed were at the house. She said she didn’t have the items and wanted the messaging to stop. Police advised the other woman to stop or she could be charged with digital/telephone harassment.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that there was a man with a gun on his hip at the upper Visitor Center parking lot. Police advised the man that guns were not allowed on federal property. The man left.

- An Electric City man seen kicking his dog in front of the Tropical Pig got a visit from an officer who was informed that he hadn’t kicked the dog but slapped it because it bit him. Police discovered he was wanted on a warrant. He got a ride to Grant County Jail.

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