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3/13 - A clerk at Safeway reported to police that he saw a man come into the store and take a bottle of vodka and leave the store without paying for it. He pursued the man out of the store but he sped away. The man was known to the clerk who gave his name to police.

– Police were advised of a suicidal subject sitting outside Coulee Medical Center who refused to come inside. Mental Health issued a pickup order and the person went inside and was waiting to see a mental health worker.

- A man reported two females he hadn’t seen before walking on Stevens Avenue in Electric City. Police talked with the two and found that one was a personal representative of the estate of a person who had passed away in the area.

- An officer checked on a vehicle that had been parked at Pole Park for two days. He ran a registration check and went to the home of the owner who said he had a suspended license and couldn’t get the car. The officer found the man’s girlfriend so she could move it and avoid a tow.

3/14 - Police checked on a hit-and-run report of a vehicle being damaged at W. Coulee Boulevard in Electric City. A woman told police that the front quarter panel of her vehicle had been struck and she didn’t know who did it.

- A man on Miller Avenue in Electric City told police that someone had entered his parents’ home and taken petty cash. Entry was made through the garage.

- Police were called to a residence on Van Tyne Avenue, where a woman told the officer that her son had threatened to kill her and she was afraid of him. Police found the man about a half mile from the house, arrested him, and took him to Grant County Jail with a charge of harassment/threats to kill.

3/15 - Police went to Steamboat Rock State Park where they found that a woman had run her car into the lake at the main boat launch. The woman said she drove the car into the lake in an effort to kill herself. The Grand Coulee ambulance arrived to take the woman to Coulee Medical Center for a mental health evaluation.

3/16 - Police went to Center School where someone had smashed a window to gain entrance. The culprits smashed a fire extinguisher, and police observed three sets of footprints in the residue. Paint had been thrown on the walls. It wasn’t the first break-in at the closed school in the past month.

- Police checked on a vehicle with the horn blaring and found two small children inside, alone, honking the horn. As the officer spoke with the two children, the mother came out of Safeway. The mother was told it was not a good idea to leave small children in the car. She said she wouldn’t do it again.

- Dispatch informed an officer that a harassment was reported on Van Tyne Avenue, the same location the police had gone to a few days earlier. The woman said she thought she had a protection order in place against her son. The officer checked and there was no ban listed. She was told she would have to go through an eviction process if she wanted her son out of the house.

3/17 - A woman was arrested after her boyfriend reported that she had struck him. Officers went to her Spokane Avenue apartment and noted that she had blood dripping from her hand from injuries sustained when a window was broken. When she was told she was under arrest, police said, she fled to the Center School area where she was handcuffed. She was arrested on fourth-degree domestic violence, third-degree malicious mischief, third-degree escape and resisting arrest. She was taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police went to a house on Banks Avenue and retrieved two children from their mother and placed them in their father’s care. The parents are in the process of divorcing. The man has been awarded custody until a hearing is held. The mother had taken the children out of school and to her residence.

3/18 - A woman who is the executor of the estate of a deceased person who lived on Stevens Avenue in Electric City told police that several items were missing. The estate attorney had advised her to make a report to the police.

3/19 - A school employee reported about $500 damage to the rear safety glass door at the back of Center Elementary School.

- A Boulder Avenue woman told police that someone had hit and damaged her car.

- A Brewster man who had been reported for driving recklessly was cited for driving while his license was suspended and for negligent driving. A female companion was cited for being a minor in possession/consumption of alcohol and making false statements to a law enforcement officer. The incident occurred at Section Place.

3/20 - Plant Protection advised police of a backpack hanging on a pole at North Dam Park. When police arrived the owner had retrieved the backpack.

- A woman requested that police standby as she got belongings from where she used to live.

3/21 - A woman on Hillcrest in Electric City reported that her son was missing and she couldn’t raise him on his cell phone. Later the boy returned.

- A woman who was moving from a residence on Sunny Drive in Electric City told police that someone had entered the house and moved some blankets while she was away.

- Personnel at Coulee Medical Center told police that some boys had walked by the building carrying guns and it appeared the guns were not toys. Police found the three boys who had toy guns. The officer explained that the guns had alarmed people at the hospital.

- A man on Hill Avenue was arrested for fourth-degree assault and for interfering with the report of domestic violence and taken to Grant County Jail. A pregnant woman told police that he had hit her several times and shoved her into the wall. An ambulance was called for the woman, who indicated she wanted protection from the man.

- A man from Electric Boulevard in Electric City told police that a man threatened him and said he was going to “kick his ass.” He asked that the man be banned from his address.

- Police noticed the door to a business on Burdin Boulevard was open and upon investigating could see that the door had been forced. Police stated the place had been rifled through. An attempt to reach the owner failed and police propped the door closed.

- Plant Protection advised an officer that a man was walking down the middle of SR-155. The man, who said he was from South Dakota, was told to use the sidewalk.

3/22 - A 7-year-old shot another juvenile in the back of the head with a bb gun. The boy was taken to Coulee Medical Center and the mother of the boy who did the shooting was advised to discipline her son.

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