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Grand Coulee

3/5 - A woman told police that she had been advised by the IRS that someone had tried to access her account and gain her tax refund.

3/9 - A man on Hill Avenue reported a suspicious man taking pictures near his house. He told police that someone has been trying to get into his house and he thought the man might be casing his place. Police couldn’t find the man but are beefing up patrols in the area.

3/10 - Police noticed a man at a service station known to have a warrant out for his arrest. He was told to get out of the car. When he did, he handed another person a small package that was later identified as marijuana. He was taken to jail on the warrant and a report went to the prosecutor’s office about his not having a home monitor system on and possession of marijuana.

- A Park Avenue resident told police that a driver was racing down the alley behind his house and that he had put a log across the alley to slow the man down. Police talked to the driver, who said he was just going the speed limit of 25 mph. He was told to slow down.

3/11 - Plant Protection told police that they had a woman at the guard shack on top of the dam who stated she had been tossed out of her car and that someone had taken off with it. Police found an intoxicated woman who was not cooperative. The officer found that she had been ordered from Banks Lake Pub and the owner had arranged for someone to take her home. That person later told police that while driving the woman home she tried to assault him so he let her out. Police found out that her car was still parked at the Pub. The Pub owner requested that she be banned from the establishment.

- A person on Hill Avenue reported that a woman had tried to commit suicide by slashing her wrist. When police arrived the woman had fled and police noted that there wasn’t any blood on the knife or in the area where her car was parked. The woman wasn’t found.

- A 16-year-old girl was arrested for assault after allegedly striking her brother at a Burdin Boulevard residence. She was taken to the Grant County juvenile facility.

- An Electric City man reported that his grandson was suicidal. He said he had taken a pistol away from him and secured it. The officer suggested that the man have his grandson see a mental health professional.

3/12 - Police stopped a vehicle on SR-155 after watching it weave all over the road and found a Keller man at the wheel. When ordered out of the vehicle the driver almost fell over. He was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail for driving under the influence.

- Plant Protection advised police that a vehicle was in the ditch by Pole Park. The officer learned that the vehicle had an overheated transmission After the transmission cooled off the driver was able to drive the vehicle to a garage.

- A man known to have a suspended license was seen driving and pulled over near Pole Park. He was cited for driving while his license was suspended and for not having an ignition interlock.

- A man in Electric City told police that someone had dumped trash on his property. They looked but there was nothing to identify the culprit.

- An Electric City man was seen walking around a store on Main Street and spitting on it. He was banned from being around the building. The same man was seen crouched down by a Safeway employee’s car and police were asked to tell the man he was banned from that area. The same day, he reportedly caused as disturbance at Coulee Medical Center, where officials did not request that he be banned.

3/13 - Police were called to Coulee Medical Center because the same Electric City man was causing a disturbance. He was told to leave.

Coulee Dam

3/10 - Police checked on a citizen dispute on Central Drive.

3/12 - Police stopped a vehicle on River Drive because of a defective light and the driver was given a warning.

- Police were advised that an Electric City man was yelling at children in Mason City Park. The officer advised the man that he should go home. He was seen walking toward Electric City.

- The same day, police had another call about the same man, who the informant said was making people uneasy at the park. He was told to leave the park, and he walked toward the museum.

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