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Grand Coulee Police

2/27 - A man checking Center Elementary School told police that someone had thrown a rock through one of the windows. He said after the glass was cleaned up he planned to put plywood over the window.

3/2 - A man stopped on SR-155 in the middle of Grand Coulee’s business district for speeding pleaded with the officer that he had to go to the toilet. The officer escorted the man to the toilet and then gave him a ticket for not having insurance and a warning on the speeding infraction.

- An officer noticed a vehicle with the license tabs altered and stopped the driver and cited him for altering the tab, not renewing his registration, and for failing to carry his registration.

- A woman on Hill Avenue reported that someone had thrown a beer bottle through the window of her vehicle. She told police that she found pieces of the bottle that might have fingerprints on them. Police took the bottle pieces.

- A man on Pearl Avenue in Electric City told police that while he was driving down the street he heard something hit his truck. The next day when it was light he found a dent on the roof. He couldn’t explain what caused it.

3/3 - A woman asked police to check on the welfare of her children. She told police that she was going to talk with Grant County Sheriff’s Office officials to see if she could get her children back.

- A man in Electric City told police that he had a call from someone saying the represented the county utility and that he owed $1,200. He told the bogus caller to come and collect and was told by the party that he better wear a bulletproof vest. He gave police the phone number of the caller.

- Dispatch informed police of an assault injury at a residence on Section Place NE, where a man had been pushed through a window and had suffered two deep cuts to his arm. Police arrived and learned who did the pushing and were unable to locate the man. The injured party was taken by ambulance to Coulee Medical Center. Police are sending the report to the prosecutor’s office recommending a charge of assault be filed against the suspect.

3/4 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that someone was taking pictures near the pumping plant. The officer found a man who was taking pictures of the Roosevelt bust. He was told not to take pictures of any security places.

- A Burdin Boulevard man was arrested for theft after he allegedly took a cell phone from the counter of a store. A security camera helped police determine who took the phone. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police responded to a suicidal call in Electric City and found a man who said he didn’t intend to hurt himself. He stated that he suffers from depression and the medicine he was receiving didn’t work. He was taken to Coulee Medical Center and Grant County Mental Health was called.

3/5 - Police were looking for an Electric City man who allegedly had knocked on a man’s door on Coulee Boulevard East, struck him with his fist, entered the house and made off with some pills. The suspect, when found, faces charges of robbery and burglary.

- A man who gave a Tonasket address was cited in Electric City for failing to stop for police who followed him after he revved his motor and then raced down a residential street. He was cited for trying to elude police.

- A man told police that someone had entered his building and taken a number of tools and a mower. He told police that the parties had broken a hasp to gain entry and someone had defecated where the mower had been sitting. The parties had left a soda can, a scissors, a crowbar a cigarette and the feces.

- A woman told police that someone had scratched her vehicle while she was a work.

3/6 - A man was stopped because of a faulty tail light and police found that his license was suspended. He was cited for the license violation and for not having insurance and registration.

- A Keller woman and a Coulee Dam man were arrested after an incident at Banks Lake Pub. The woman was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, third-degree assault and resisting arrest. The man was cited for felony harassment after he allegedly threatened an employee at the bar. The two had left the bar and were driving to Grand Coulee when they were stopped by police who were responding to the call from the pub.

- A Grand Coulee man was cited for driving while his license was suspended, having no insurance and failing to carry his registration. He was known to have a suspended license and police saw him driving on Midway Avenue.

3/7 - Police responded to a 911 hang up call on Hill Avenue. A man told the officer that he thought he heard a gunshot at the rear of his house. Later he told police that he found an egg smashed on the side of his house.

- A man on Boulder Avenue NE was arrested for imprisonment, domestic violence after getting into a argument and fight with a woman. To keep her from using a phone to call police, the man allegedly put her into handcuffs. He later released the woman, who went to a neighbor’s to call police. The man was taken to Grant County Jail.

3/8 - Police were called to the Sky Deck Motel, where a man and woman from Wenatchee were involved in a non-physical argument. They were told that they would be cited if police had to return to the motel.

- Police arrested an Electric City man at a residence on 4th Street NE and took him to Grant County jail after he allegedly struck his live-in partner. He is being charged with assault in the fourth degree and was picked up also on a warrant.

Coulee Dam

3/3 - An officer checked on a report that a young child had been left alone in a car near the R&A Cafe, where he found a young child playing in the car and his mother reclined in the front seat. The officer advised the mother of the report.

3/5- -Two drivers got verbal warnings, one for a headlamp out and the other for making a rolling stop at the Elmer City Access Road.

3/7 - A man on Central Drive told police that he had an ongoing dispute with his neighbor over the property line. He showed police that someone had poured a white powder over cactus planted on the property line. Police tried to contact the neighbor but no one was home. The officer advised the man to seek a no-contact order from the courts.

- A driver on Central Drive was issued a warning when police stopped a vehicle with a right side headlamp and right side tail light out.

- Another driver got a verbal warning on River Drive for going 45 mph in a 30 mph zone.

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