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Time to step up, 509ers

Letter to the Editor


509ers, now is the time for you to step up and help with your city government. All of the Mikes, Lees, Clays, Marks, Bobs, Joes, Janes, Marys, etc, (local 509ers) who do not want 206ers, aka “coasties” to run your city.

“They are just trying to make it Seattle!”, is what the locals said. Well, as least they are not trying to make it a town with no grocery stores, or shopping, only a few grades of schools, not public transportation, no doctors or hospitals.

Locals, it’s now your turn to step up and fix this city, if you think you can. Electric City is looking for a mayor to take of the water, the sewer, the police, the snow removal, the pot holes, the Shoreline Management, the building codes, the town cleanup, the dogs, the cats, and much much more. Now is your turn to get this city to the way you all talk you want it to look like.

The city government has worked thousands of volunteer hours trying to bring this city into the 21st Century. They were left with 1950s infrastructure, water agreements that did not even start to pay for pumping the water, let along any repairs, trees that cost over $200 each that no one liked, outdated building codes, town cleanup, hiring new building inspector, hiring new planners, and more.

Yes, now is the time for the locals to step up, walk the talk.

Thanks, Jerry, for the hundreds of hours that you have spent trying to make this a city that we could be proud of and a place to call our home. Thanks, Jerry, for all your hours of taking the talk for everyone that is not willing to walk the talk. Thanks for stepping up when Electric City needed someone to take the reins of this city, and I hope that you know many many of us know that you are leaving better than when you took over. Some of us older 206ers wish you the best and wish you would stay.

Birdie Hensley

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