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Students build new gate


A group of students from the welding shop at Lake Roosevelt High School show off their new "Raider Gate" near the gym. From the left, standing, are Deets Ayling, from Bird's Auto, who did the painting, Falcon Marchand, Winston Moses, and Casey Ensminger. Kneeling from the left are Alex Garcia, Aaron Whitney, and Tony Desautel. The students designed and created the gate, which will close off the hallway where you enter the gym. - Roger S. Lucas photo

A handful of students in Lee Largent's welding class are making their mark on Lake Roosevelt High School.

The six have created a "Raider Gate" that will close off the hallway at the high school gym so people won't wander through the building.

It came about when janitors complained about kids who wandered down the hall at games spilling Gatorade and popcorn along the way.

That prompted Principal Brandon Byers to go to Largent to see if he had any ideas.

That's where the students, Falcon Marchand, Winston Moses, Casey Ensminger, Alex Garcia, Aaron Whitney and Tony Desautel, came in.

The new Raider Gate is a collaboration of the six students and with some help from others in the class.

Largent said that the students got their heads together and through a process of elimination came up with the gate idea. It is now mounted on the wall and pulls out to close out the hallway during games at the gym.

"You can follow the skill rate of student welding as you look through the gate. We ground off a few welds," Largent noted.

The students came up with the design and did the cutting and welding. Then Deets Ayling, manager of Bird's Auto, came to the rescue painting the gate for the school.

The gate features the Lake Roosevelt "Raider" logo.

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