Daycare, bus garage zoning in


Grand Coulee decided Tuesday night to move forward on zoning changes that will permit seniors to build a garage for their two buses, and allow the development of a daycare center, all in the central business district.

The council held a public hearing on the zoning changes Tuesday night and two individuals spoke favorable on the changes.

Charles Long, representing the Grand Coulee Dam Senior Center, told council members there was a real need of a garage that would hold two senior buses that were recently given to the center. The seniors have appeared before the council on numerous occasions asking for a change in the zoning law. The garage will be built, after the council passes the zoning ordinance, on property the seniors own adjacent to their center.

Fire Chief Richard Paris spoke on both issues, urging the council to move forward.

The council, later, passed the zoning requests 5-0.

City Clerk Carol Boyce said the council will likely have an ordinance before it at its meeting May 19.

The clerk said she will have the ordinance drawn up by then for final council passage.

When council passes the ordinance both changes will be in effect.

Two women initially brought up the need for a daycare center about a year ago, but have not appeared before council since then.

They had asked the council to consider a change in zoning so a daycare center could be established on Main Street. That issue is now settled for anyone wanting to start a daycare center.

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