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10/26 - A Roosevelt Drive resident reported that one of his tires had been slashed, apparently with a knife. Cost of repair tire was $150.

10/28 - Police checked on a 911 call from the Jack’s Spring Canyon Service. When checking on the call, the officer learned that someone had gassed up and then left without paying. The amount was $50. The person who drove off returned and paid for the gas.

- Lincoln County officials asked for assistance in contacting a woman who had left the scene of an accident. Local officers tried to reach her but were told she was in the shower, but the party that answered the phone said they would take her back to the scene of the accident.

- An Electric City woman told police that a deer jumped out in front of her car near North Dam Park and she hit it. A police officer killed the injured deer. Damage to the car was about $750.

10/29 - A Mesa, Wash., man was stopped for a tail light problem and the officer found that he was operating the vehicle without an interlock and didn’t have an operator’s license. He was cited. The vehicle was released to the registered owner.

- Police responded to a residence on Sunset Drive where a man was down in the bathroom and not breathing. EMTs arrived and took charge and later the man was pronounced dead.

- Coulee Medical Center advised police that a woman had about $159 taken from her purse while she was in to seek attention. Police learned the identity of the suspected person and went to her home. The report stated that the officer could hear someone moving around but they wouldn’t answer the door. Police are continuing the investigation.

- Police stopped a Coulee Dam man near the overlook above Grand Coulee Dam because his license tabs were expired. The officer found the man’s vehicle registration had expired and he didn’t have insurance. He was cited on the registration and insurance.

- Police were advised of a deer trapped in a fence at 2 Main Street. It appeared the deer had a broken neck and leg. The officer put the animal down.

- An Electric City woman told police that someone called and identified themselves as from Microsoft and sought access to her computer, which she gave. She later thought it was a scam and that the person might have gained personal information from her computer.

10/30 - A man called to report loud music coming from a Grand Avenue residence in Electric City. The officer was unable to go to the location at the time but registered the complaint.

- A man in Electric City told police that he had some people staying with him and in another house he owned and that when they left there were tools and other items missing. Upon contact, one of the parties told police the tools and other items were locked in a trailer on the property. An officer told the person who was missing the items to check the trailer and get back to the police. They are still waiting for the man to call.

- Police are trying to identify a couple caught on camera at Safeway who left the store with a shopping basket containing in excess of $200 worth of groceries for which they didn’t pay. The female had red dyed hair and was wearing a blue sweater and the man had sores on his face. The two headed toward the post office. Groceries taken include two packs of meat and hair dye products.

- A woman who wasn’t wearing her seatbelt and who had expired tabs on her vehicle ended up getting a warning on these issues, but a ticket for not having insurance.

- A driver stopped on the Coulee Dam hill received a warning for his license plate light being out and a citation for not having insurance. When the man was stopped, he moved rapidly out of the car and made what appeared to the officer, the report stated, quick movement toward him. The officer explained the ticket and why he took issue with the way the man responded to being stopped. The man apologized.

10/31 - Police got a complaint of loud noises from a place on W. Grand Avenue in Electric City, but when the officer arrived in the area, he couldn’t hear any noise.

- A Tucson, Ariz., officer from the missing persons unit requested a DNA sample from an Electric City man. A sample was taken.

- A woman who lives in Grant County, told police that while she was unloading her car someone took her purse which contained about $400 in cash. She was told to contact the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

- Grand Coulee Dam Plant Protection advised police that there was an intoxicated man near the left powerhouse. Police arrived and knew the man who was sitting on the guardrail swaying. The man told the officer he was fine, and he was advised to stay out of the road. The officer stayed in the area and eventually the man, who was from Coulee Dam, moved on.

11/1 - Police were alerted by an Electric City business that someone who had been fired three weeks before was trying to charge an item at a Grand Coulee firm using his former employer’s account.

- While pursuing a truck that had failed to yield to an oncoming vehicle, an officer’s patrol car suddenly lost power and later developed steam coming from the engine. After dealing with the complaint the officer drove the patrol car to Jess Ford.

11/2 - A car struck a deer near North Dam Park and an officer had to kill the deer with two rounds from his service revolver. The report stated the deer was dragging its hind feet and in pain.

11/3 - A Riverside, Wash., man pulling a damaged helicopter on a trailer decided to take a nap in the lower Visitor Center parking lot. Police told the man he couldn’t sleep there and directed him to a place where he could resume his nap.

- An Electric City man told police that he saw a cougar near the rodeo grounds in Delano. He was told to contact Fish & Wildlife.

- An Electric City man and his son were told they couldn’t shoot firearms within the city limits. The officer advised the pair if they had any question about where the city limits were, they should contact city hall.

11/4 - A Safeway official reported that someone had passed a fake $100 bill through one of the checkstands at the store. Police took the bill as evidence and are investigating.

- Grand Coulee Center Lodge told police that someone had used a key to gain entrance to a storage area and took a key making machine, a drill and two video cameras. The loss was about $850.

Coulee Dam


10/28 - Police were asked by an Oregon party to check on a woman living on 6th Street because they were unable to contact her. An officer went to the residence and couldn’t raise anyone by ringing the doorbell or knocking. The officer walked around the house and saw a light on in a bedroom window and rapped on the window. A woman replied, “Go away, and leave me alone.” The officer informed the party in Oregon of the response.

- A woman’s vehicle stalled on the Coulee Dam Bridge. She told the officer that something was wrong with her front wheel and the vehicle would not move. The officer observed that the tie-rod might have broken. A wrecker was called to remove the vehicle.

10/30 - A barking dog complaint attracted an officer who went to the door of a house on Holly Street to report the problem to the owner. The officer couldn’t raise anyone and told the complainant that he would try to contact the dog’s owner later in his shift. He went two more times but couldn’t raise anyone.

10/31 - Police were advised of what people thought was a weapon being discharged on Holly Street. After visiting with people in the area, it was determined that it was a mock cannon being fired from a haunted house on Holly for Halloween.

- Dispatch advised police that there was a possible fight going on near Lake Roosevelt High School. The officer learned that there had been a shoving match between two boys who’d had bad feelings about each other for some time. The boys were referred to their guardians and the report filed with the Okanogan County prosecutor’s office for possible action.


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