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10/18- An Electric City man told police that a person was trespassing on his property by parking on 2nd Street and putting “junk” on his property. He told police that he owns 2nd Street.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard told police that someone had stolen her two dogs. She later told police that they got loose and she found them.

- USBR Plant Protection asked police to search for a man about 30 years old who was seen on the Brett Pit Access Road. Police looked for the man but couldn’t find him.

- A Curlew driver is in a heap of trouble after police stopped him on Midway after noticing his vehicle license was expired. They reported that he had a suspended license, was operating a vehicle without a required interlock, had a trip permit violation where a date had been changed, was driving under the influence, had an expired registration, and was operating a vehicle without insurance. Police also said they found inside the car an opened container of beer and a needle and materials used in taking methamphetamines. The car was impounded and the resulting report was sent to the prosecutor’s office.

10/20 - A man who lives on the Elmer City Access Road told police that someone stole two bicycles from his backyard while he was at work. He said the bikes were rare and their combined value was $3,000.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard called police to report that a woman was blowing her leaves out onto the city street. An officer said he would check to see if that was illegal.

- Residents of a Hill Avenue apartment told police that someone had broken the windows in their truck and taken two hunting knives, some CDs and a cell phone.

- USBR Plant Protection reported that a pickup pulling a trailer appeared to be setting up for the night in the upper Visitor Center parking lot. An officer went to the area and was advised by the occupants that they were just fixing dinner and would be on their way in about 15 minutes. Plant Protection agreed to the delay.

10/21 - Plant Protection advised police of a man taking pictures of the dam and Guard Post 1. Police talked to the man and he said he was a contractor on the new school project and just taking pictures of the dam. He showed the pictures to the officer and one was of the top of the dam and Guard Post 1. He deleted that picture and said he didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to take pictures.

- An Electric City man found a wallet in the Safeway parking lot and turned it in to police. The wallet had over $400 in cash in it. Police returned the wallet to its owner.

- A woman from Electric City shopping at Safeway told police that someone had opened the lid of an ice chest she had in her vehicle while she was shopping. She stated that nothing was missing.

10/22 - A Grand Coulee woman struck a motorcycle that had stopped for traffic before turning left near Jack’s Spring Canyon convenience store on SR 174. A witness told police the motorcycle had its turn signal on when the accident occurred and that when hit the motorcycle rider flew backwards onto the pavement. He was slightly injured but declined medical attention. There was $5,000 damage to the motorcycle and $1,500 damage to the vehicle. The driver was cited for following too close.

- Police checked on a report that a woman was suicidal. When contacted, she told the officer that she just wanted to have her doctor call her. She was advised to go to the clinic to get her medication renewed.

- EMS personnel had to crawl through a window at a residence on Lakeview in Electric City when they heard cries for help. The police report stated that it was an unknown problem.

- A Grand Coulee woman reported that she hit a deer on Coulee Boulevard East in Electric City. She told the officer that the deer just walked out in front of her vehicle. The officer had to put the injured deer down. There was $1,700 damage to the car.

10/23 - Police responded to a rollover accident of federal property in the Washington Flats area and found a Jeep Wrangler on its side. The driver told the officer that his foot slipped off the clutch and when he tried to correct it, the pedal got caught in his pants cuff, causing the accident. A tow truck righted the vehicle which sustained minor damage and the driver was able to drive it away.

- A resident on Second Street in Electric City told reported that dogs next door were barking and that the owner hadn’t been back in a week.

10/24 - Armored truck employees filling the ATM cash machine in The Star newspaper building accidentally set off the alarm.

- A Fish & Wildlife officer killed an injured deer he found at Taylor Street and SR-155 in Electric City.

- Police checked on a report of sexual abuse of a small child in Grand Coulee but determined that it was a false report. The reporting party is the father of the child and has made the accusations frequently in the past. Police are sending the report to the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office with the possibility that the accuser will be charged with making a false or misleading statement to police.

- An officer checking on a two-car accident in the Safeway parking lot had to have one of the vehicle owners sit in her car because she was so angry. The damage didn’t reach the threshold for reporting and the officer had the two exchange information.

- An officer stopped a vehicle because the driver and passenger didn’t have their seatbelts on. The driver was cited on the seat belt issue and the passenger was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

- A Tulalip driver was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail after being stopped for not wearing his seatbelt. He was cited for resisting arrest, failing to carry a prescription in its original container and possession of a legend drug. The driver had a warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear on a driving while license suspended charge.

10/25 - An Okanogan woman was cited for failing to yield after her vehicle struck a motorcycle at Main and Spokane Way. The motorcycle rider complained of shoulder and back pain and was treated at Coulee Medical Center.

- A Coulee Dam man was taken home by Tribal Police after a complaint by USBR Plant Protection that the man was intoxicated near the Visitor Center. A Grand Coulee officer responded but a tribal officer was already at the scene.

- USBR Plant Protection reported an intoxicated man near the Visitor Center. The man was from Omak and requested a ride to Electric City. The officer refused and told the man to stay out of the roadway.

- An Algona, Wash., woman was stopped for going 65 in a 35 mph zone in Electric City. The woman didn’t have insurance and was cited for that and warned on the speeding infraction.

- A male entered Safeway and told employees that someone had been shot in the parking lot. Police saw the suspect over by the police department who told the officer that the Mexican mafia had fired three shots at him. No one else in the area heard any gunfire.

- A Young Street resident reported that a deer had fallen on the deck and broken its pelvis. The party was told to call the Fish & Wildlife Department.

- Police were advised of a 2-year-old in the street on Second Street. Later the officer was informed that the child’s mother had the child.

10/26 - A woman was caught on security camera taking a bottle of vodka at Safeway. She is being cited for theft and has been permanently banned from the store.

- Police received a report of a woman without clothes on walking her dog near North Dam Park. Police found the woman wearing an unbuttoned shirt. She was told to stay out of the roadway and to wear clothes.

- Later the same woman, who gave an Electric City address, was reported on SR-155 wandering into the lanes of traffic “flashing” people. The woman was still only wearing an unbuttoned shirt, and nothing else, still with the dog. She was told to stay out of the roadway again. Later the same woman was seen in a wheelchair rolling down Main Street, yelling and screaming. This time the woman was arrested for disorderly conduct. Resisting arrest was added to the charges as she refused to get into the patrol car. She was taken to Grant County Jail.

10/27 - Police saw a horse in Electric City that appeared to be underfed. They referred the matter to authorities.

- Police were called to King’s Court RV Park, where two people were arguing over something that had occurred a year earlier.

- A Keller woman was stopped because her vehicle had expired tabs, and she told the officer that she didn’t have insurance. She was cited.

Coulee Dam Police

10/15 - An officer noticed that a car driving past him had a side window completely covered by mud. As he followed the car he could see that the windshield was shattered so he stopped the vehicle. The officer learned that the driver was in violation of his learner’s permit and didn’t have insurance. He was cited for this and warned on the windshield problem. A licensed driver was sought to take charge of the vehicle.

- A driver who didn’t have a side mirror on his vehicle was stopped and given a warning to get it fixed.

10/16 - A driver was stopped when the officer noticed that her tail light was broken and it was emitting a clear light. He wrote her citations for a suspended license and no insurance. A licensed driver was sought to take charge of the vehicle.

10/18 - A woman on River Drive told police that a neighbor’s two dogs barked most of the night and she wasn’t able to sleep. She said the neighbor said if he put them in the garage they would continue to bark. The officer said he would send the owner of the dogs a letter telling him he was in violation of the city code and if he didn’t quiet the dogs down he would be cited.

10/20 - The same woman on River Drive complained again to police about barking dogs, and held the phone out so the officer could hear them bark. The officer went to the residence where the dogs were located and advised the owners of the problem. One of the owners said the dogs were barking because of racoons and that he would take care of the problem.

10/22 - A neighbor of a woman living on 6th Street said that he hadn’t seen her in some time and was worried about her. Police rapped on the door until the woman answered it and told the officer she was OK.

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