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Last updated 2/13/2013 at 8:16am

Grand Coulee


2/4 - A man on Wenatchee Ave. NE, reported a suspicious vehicle by his residence and told police that when he went outside to see what they wanted, they drove away. Police checked the area for the vehicle but couldn’t find it.

2/5 - A man leaving Safeway with his bags of groceries was allegedly punched in the nose by his previous girlfriend’s new boyfriend. The altercation reportedly occurred just outside the store. Later police arrested the alleged assailant and are going to ask the prosecutor’s office to file an obstruction charge against the woman, who they said lied when asked who had started the fight. The man who was struck was treated at Coulee Medical Center.

2/6 - A man living on Partello Park told police that someone had thrown articles through his vehicle windows. Police later found a man walking in the area who said he was on his way to where the damage had occurred. Later this man confessed that he had used part of a transmission to break the windows. Total damage was estimated at over $2,400. The Electric City man said he broke the windows because he thought a roommate at the house had contacted his girlfriend and he was mad. Police are asking the prosecutor’s office to charge him with second-degree malicious mischief.

2/7 - Authorities in Billings, Mont., advised dispatch that there was a domestic violence incident on King Street. Police arrived and the occupants of the residence told police that they were being harassed over the phone by a person who had stayed at that location. They were advised to box up the man’s belongings and keep track of any threats being made.

- A driver was stopped on Midway Avenue after an officer saw him talking on his cell phone. He didn’t have insurance and he was cited.

- A woman living on Hill Avenue told officers that her husband had put his W-2 in his uncle’s mailbox and the uncle wouldn’t return it to him. The officer knocked on the uncle’s door but no one would answer.

- After an officer observed his vehicle speeding, a Burdin Boulevard man was cited for not transferring title to a vehicle within 45 days and for not stopping at an intersection.

- A driver from Snoqualmie was stopped for going 64 mph in a 35 mph zone in Electric City. She was cited for going 45 mph.

2/8 - A Harrington, Wash., driver was stopped on SR-155 for talking on his cellphone while driving. He was cited.

- Police were advised by dispatch that there were two wanted juveniles at an apartment on Spokane Way. Police checked the apartment but no one was present.

- A woman walking her dog in Electric City advised police that a dog at Park Avenue and Sunset Avenue had charged her dog. When police arrived the dog was in the middle of the road and a vehicle had to swerve to avoid it. The officer advised the owner of the dog to keep it penned up.

- An officer from Laurel, Mont., advised local authorities of a man on King Street who allegedly was going to kill himself. Police checked and found it was a man who had made several such statements.

2/9 - Police checked on a report of loud music coming from a residence on Jackson Avenue in Electric City but were unable to locate the source.

- A man was pulled over for crossing the fog line several times near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam and was cited for his tabs being expired.

- A woman who had a rental on Division Street told police that her tenant was behind in his rent and she planned to remove his belongings. The officer advised the landlord that she needed to go through the courts.

- A woman living on Young Street was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on a domestic violence charge after allegedly hitting her husband in the stomach after he changed her password on the computer. The man said he didn’t want a no-contact order against his wife, he just wanted to sleep. The report stated that the woman, who had been drinking, gave the officer problems all the way to the jail and also to the jail staff.

2/10 - Officers checked on a report of loud music, a party, and people yelling at a location on Hill Avenue. The music was off when officers arrived and no one answered the door.

- At the request of someone from Nebraska who saw a posting on Facebook and was worried about a possible suicide, police checked on an Electric City woman, who said the posting had to do with Child Protective Services, not suicide.

- A man who asked another for money owed him ended up with what was considered a broken nose. The man asked for his money and the other opened his vehicle door and punched him in the nose. The officer is asking the prosecutor to file charges of assault and malicious mischief.

- Officers responded to a call about a fight at the corner of Sunny Drive and Fifth Street. An officer was advised that someone had damaged two vehicles and a woman was found underneath one vehicle. The woman was cuffed and put in the patrol car while officers reviewed damage to the car. Oil had been poured inside the vehicle, and while this was being photographed, the woman started kicking the windows of the patrol car. She was hobbled by police and later taken to Grant County Jail. She kept hitting her head on the window between the front and back seats while enroute to jail. Damage to two vehicles was estimated at over $2,000.

2/11 - A caller stated that someone was burglarizing the water treatment plant in Electric City. A description of the person was given to police who later stopped a suspect answering the description. At first the man denied it, but later said he had been at the plant. Police are asking the prosecutor’s office to charge him with criminal trespass and giving false information to an officer.

Coulee Dam


2/4 - A driver was stopped on Mead Way for speeding and the officer found he didn’t have current license tabs or insurance. He was warned about driving the vehicle before he took care of the problems.

- Police checked on a vehicle on the bridge that the driver couldn’t get started. The officer requested help from an officer with a push bar on his vehicle and one came from Grand Coulee and pushed the vehicle off the bridge and into a parking area. The driver was advised to lock his car until he could get it fixed and moved.

2/5 - A woman at the USBR Visitor Center called police to state that she had found two dogs, a golden retriever and a cocker spaniel, running loose. Police checked the collars of the dogs and found that the owner lived in Coulee Dam. The owner was called and came to get them and was warned by the officer that there was a $300 fine for allowing dogs to run loose. He gave the owner a warning notice.

2/7 - A drug dog “hit” on a student’s backpack at Lake Roosevelt High School. The pack contained a smoking device and some marijuana. The boy’s parents were called and the prosecutor’s office was notified for possible charges.

2/8 - A man on Grant Street told police that he thought someone had cut his battery cable and that he had a tire that kept going flat. The officer noted the cable was corroded and appeared to have just fallen apart. The man said he had had the tire checked and no one could find anything wrong with it.

- A student at Lake Roosevelt High School was arrested on a warrant and taken to the Okanogan County juvenile facility.

2/9 - Police were advised of a person possibly needing assistance on Tulip Street. They found a man in a wheelchair who said he needed assistance getting to his home. The officer parked his patrol car and pushed the man to his home.

2/10 - A woman drove up to the police station and told an officer that she had a warrant out for her and she wanted to turn herself in. The officer learned the woman had a felony warrant and a misdemeanor warrant out for her. She was taken to Okanogan County Jail.

- A clerk at Harvest Foods told police that two young males had exited the store with alcohol. He gave police a description of the vehicle they left in and said that they often frequent the store.


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