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10/5 - An officer was called to Western Avenue in Electric City, where a German Shepherd was growling at a boy on a scooter and wouldn’t let him pass. The dog was later found on Grand Avenue East and a cousin of the dog’s owner tied it up.

- Police told a group of people going door to door in Electric City selling vacuum cleaners that they needed a permit. The officer told the group where they could go to get a permit.

- A man living on Dill Avenue told police that someone had taken his vehicle overnight. He said he parked it in front of his apartment the night before and when he went out in the morning it was gone. He still had the keys and told police that the vehicle had about seven gallons of gas in it.

10/6 - A man returning a U-Haul to Coulee Hardware told police that he couldn’t find the key return for the rented vehicle so he was just hiding the key and would call the store in the morning. The officer saw the man turn the vehicle lights out and wander around.

- A police officer off duty observed a person driving a vehicle on W.Cardinal Road known to be suspended. The man will get a surprise in the mail, a citation.

- An officer observed a car swerving over the fog line and stopped it on the Coulee Dam hill and found an intoxicated woman at the wheel. After smelling alcohol the officer gave the driver some field sobriety tests which she failed. Later while being processed and seeing her alcohol report she said “that high after three beers. I need to watch how I am drinking.” She was given a DUI citation.

10/7 - A man was arrested when he was found slumped over the wheel of his vehicle with the motor running and the vehicle in reverse. When asked how much he had to drink the man answered, “not enough.” Later he stated that he had been in a golf tournament and had “24” and then changed that to “18.” The bartender at EC Tavern said the man came into the tavern but was refused drinks. He purchased some French fries, left them on the counter and left. The officer found a loaded pistol in the car. He was cited for DUI and having a loaded pistol without a permit.

- A man on Ronald Drive told police that someone had taken his chop saw. He said he had used it the previous day.

- A woman on Continental Heights reported that an envelope containing $1,000 was missing from her apartment.

- Officers were told that a woman who was banned from the Wolf’s Den Tavern had appeared inside. Police told the woman that she was permanently barred from the establishment and not to return.

10/8 - A woman who was going 32 mph down Martin Road where the speed limit is 25 mph, was stopped and issued a citation for not having insurance. She was given a warning on the speed.

- An officer noted the trunk of a vehicle open and tools and rifles were in plain sight. The officer couldn’t find the vehicle owner so closed the trunk. Later the officer drove by the E. Grand Avenue location and the trunk was still closed.

- A man and woman were arrested when they were found inside a vacant residence. They were booked for domestic burglary. The house was on Goodfellow in Electric City.

10/9 - A Nespelem man was stopped for having an expired license tab and discovered that he was driving suspended. The man had his mother come for him and his vehicle was impounded.

- A man on Ronald Drive, who two days earlier had reported a saw missing, advised police that someone had tried to enter his place again. He said that he recovered a bag outside the residence and also showed the officer pry marks on the lock of the door.

- A person who rented a sprayer from Coulee Hardware reported that it had been stolen. The sprayer was valued at $1,700.

10/10 - A woman on Pearl Avenue in Electric City told police that a former husband, who she has a protection order not to call her, had made contact, and she received what she considered to be a threat. Police are investigating.

- Police secured the Electric City shop door which was opene and no one around.

- A woman on Kelso Street in Electric City told police that she found a person going through her garbage and he had a prescription bottle of hers in his hand. She said she wanted to dispose of some medications, but didn’t want to put them in her garbage. Police picked up the medications for destruction.

- A woman who was fixing up a property on Electric Boulevard in Electric City asked that two people be permanently banned from the property.

- Police were informed of a deer that had been struck by a vehicle near the hospital and that the deer had a broken back. The officer put the deer down.

10/12 - A woman shopping at Safeway reported that someone had scraped her car in the parking lot. Police noticed a transfer of paint on the woman’s car. A Safeway employee said that the security camera would be checked to see if the hit and run was caught on camera.

- A Brewster driver was stopped for faulty lights and the officer found that he was driving while his license was suspended. He was cited for that and for not having his interlock in place. A tow truck came and took the car.

- Police were called to a residence on Weil Place on a domestic issue. One of the parties agreed to go to another place until the dispute cooled down.

- A Nespelem woman who reportedly was walking in the roadway in Electric City was told by an officer to stay off the road. She said she would.

- A man was stopped near Federal Avenue because his license plate light wasn’t functioning and the officer found that the man didn’t have insurance. After issuing the citation, the officer walked away and hear the man call him a name. He returned to the vehicle and asked if the man had anything else to say. He didn’t.

- A woman reported that her wallet was taken at Safeway. When security tapes were reviewed, police saw the woman who took the wallet and went to her location in a house on West Grand Avenue in Electric City. The wallet was taken from a grocery cart when the woman who owned it switched to a different cart. The couple gave up the wallet which had $259 at the time. The owner of the wallet said it had $1,800 in it. The couple who had the wallet said they went to the police station to turn it in, but there was no one there at the time.

10/14 - A Grand Coulee man was found asleep in his vehicle with music playing. Police contacted him and he said he would go inside his residence.

- A Moses Lake woman was stopped because her vehicle had a headlamp out. The officer found that she didn’t have insurance, no driver’s license with her and that her registration had expired more than two months before. It was observed that there was a screwdriver stuck in the ignition and the driver said the vehicle belonged to a friend, but she didn’t know the friend’s name. The officer checked to see if the vehicle was stolen, but it wasn’t reported as stolen. She was cited for the offenses.

- A woman known to have a warrant out for her arrest was stopped on the Wilbur highway near the Lakeview Mobile Court. She had two children with her and police contacted the father of the children to come get them. The woman was arrested and taken to Grant County jail.

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