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Father-daughter gift shop reflects their talents


Last updated 9/26/2012 at 1:13pm

Daniel Arroyo develops the image of a porcupine on his scratch board at his gift shop ranch along Peter Dan Road three miles east of Elmer City. The gift shop features jewelry, beads, hunting and other knives, artwork and a number of other items.

Nestled in the middle of a small sheep ranch off Peter Dan Road is a surprising little gift shop called Promised Land Harvest.

It is part of Leah Arroyo and her father, Daniel — because it reflects who they are.

The shop provides a showcase for the father/daughter artistic talent which is displayed in various ways throughout.

In addition to everything else, it is an active sheep ranch, albeit on a minor scale. The ranch has 20 breeding ewes, two rams and 19 lambs. The lambs are raised for market, and early in October a mobile slaughter house will arrive and help provide the ranch with a meat income.

“We could sell three times as much meat as we have,” Daniel said. A sign hangs in the shop and reads: “Lamb — it’s what’s for dinner” When the Arroyos have meat available, you can pluck it out of a freezer in the corner of the store. Both Leah and Daniel will tell you that the meat they raise is unusually tender and good because of what the lambs are fed and how they are handled.

Wool from the sheep is shipped out and then returned in “bumps” with Leah spinning it into yarn skeins and dyeing the wool into a variety of vivid colors. It takes her a couple of hours at the wheel to make a 300-yard skein. She even once took the hair from her collie, blended it and made it into a skein of wool.

Leah laughs when she tells that the family stew pot has been turned into her dyeing vat and that she does this on the kitchen stove.

Leah’s personal interest is tied into her jewelry making. Her creations occupy a major spot in the store and are what she is most proud about.

Daniel was working on a porcupine image on a scratch board the day the shop was visited. I expected the porcupine to step out of the board at any minute, it looked so realistic.

Leah Arroyo works at her spinning wheel developing skeins of wool yarn for her Promised Land Harvest Gift Shop situated off Peter Dan Road. The wool comes from sheep she and her father Daniel raise on their ranch. — Roger S. Lucas photos

One of the shop’s major products is beads. The Arroyos have a steady stream of orders off their website at The website, which one weekend got 60 hits, is another thing that keeps the two busy.

Daniel has an expansive knife display where you can pick a hunting knife from a variety of choices. All come with a leather scabbard.

There are blankets, buckskin, and all sorts of other items for sale at the shop.

It all reflects the Arroyos’ interest in the land and animals.

The late Danette Arroyo, Daniel’s wife and Leah’s mother, had her quilt shop at the same location. A year ago October, the two decided to re-open the shop, taking a bit different direction more suited to their skills and interests.

Promised Land Harvest is open six days a week, closed Sundays. Hours are from 10 a.m. until they feel like closing.

The shop is three miles east of Elmer City on Peter Dan Road. Look for the sign.


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