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Coulee Cops

Reports compiled from police files


Last updated 6/11/2012 at 8:11pm

Grand Coulee Police

5/28 - A highly intoxicated man dialed 911 from a Spokane Way residence. When officers arrived the owner of the home said that he had put his intoxicated cousin to bed and that he wouldn’t make any more 911 calls.

5/29 - A woman on First Street called police to report a neighbor was shooting at raccoons with a pellet gun and she was afraid that some of the pellets might hit people at her residence. Police advised the man that the game department has live traps that can be used to trap the animals and that he shouldn’t be shooting at them.

- A man on Second Street in Electric City told police that he learned that a man had taken a hand truck that had “been in his family for 60 years.” Later a hand truck was found in a vacant lot and it wasn’t the one taken from the man’s home.

- A woman on West Grand Avenue in Electric City reported that her 8-year-old son had gone to play with a friend after school and hadn’t returned home. Police checked the home where the boy was suppose to be, but no one was home. Later police found the boy riding his bike on Western and told him to go home. The officer followed the boy home.

- Someone entered a house on Spokane Way while the owner, who has been fixing it up so he could move in, was away. The person entered through a back bedroom window and took a circular saw, batteries and charger, power drill, and powered lawn mower. The man said he thought he had the serial numbers of the missing items.

5/30 - A woman who lives on King Street told police that she had received text messages, some of them threatening. Someone called the number given on the texts and it was a business phone in Idaho. That person said they were not sending the messages. Police collected the messages and told the woman that the officers would patrol her street more frequently.

- An Electric City man reported that he was wanted on a warrant and he wanted to turn himself in. He did and was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A Grand Coulee officer and the department’s bomb detecting dog assisted the U.S. Marshal’s office on a bomb report at the Bonner Ferry High School. Nothing was found.

5/31 - A man who lives on Electric Place in Electric City told police that when he got up in the morning he noticed the door to his shed was open. He said two chain saws were missing.

- An official at Safeway called police to say a small baggie of marijuana had been found in the store. Police came and took charge of the baggie.

- A Burdin Boulevard man said a neighbor walked down his alley and looked into the open door of his shed. He said he wanted her banned from his property. Police told the woman of the request.

- Police stopped a car when it was noticed that a passenger wasn’t wearing his seat belt. He was cited. The driver was cited for not having her driver’s license on her, having no proof of insurance and failing to sign her registration.

- Police told a woman who lives on Hill Avenue that her houseguest was wanted on two warrants. She helped arrange for him to give himself up. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

6/1 - An Electric City man known to have warrants out for his arrest was seen walking on Yakima Street. The officer stopped and told the suspect to stop. However, he ran to the back of a nearby house and when confronted there ran into a brushy lot. The officer found him under some bushes. After laying a large hunting knife on the ground the man allowed police to put cuffs on him and transport him to the police department and then to Grant County jail. The man had one felony warrant and two misdemeanor warrants out for him. Some jewelry was found on his person and the police took pictures of it.

- A Grand Coulee officer and the department’s bomb detecting dog assisted in a bomb search at Eastmont High School. A pipe bomb had been found and officials feared that additional materials might be in the building. Nothing else was found.

6/2 - Banks Lake Golf Course reported that about 80 gallons of gas was missing from equipment parked near the repair shop at the course.

- Officers were called to Coulee Playland to check into a report of a woman floating on a raft. Later the woman came ashore and walked into the campground.

Coulee Dam Police

5/28 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that there was a stranded vehicle by security station 2. Police found that the vehicle had a dead battery and provided jumper cable help so the driver could move it.

5/29 - Police stopped a car because of a seatbelt violation and found that two passengers were wanted on felony warrants. They were arrested and taken to Okanogan County Juvenile facility. The felony warrants were truancy related.

5/31 - A vehicle with high suspension that had no mud flaps was stopped, and police learned the driver’s license was suspended. He was cited and a passenger was arrested on warrants. A licensed driver was summoned to take charge of the vehicle.

6/1 - Plant Protection advised police of suspicious people in the Visitor Center parking lot. Police talked with two people, a man and a woman, from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. They said they were filming a documentary for a couch surfing website. Police learned after requesting information on the pair that one’s driving status was suspended and the other was a convicted felon.

6/3 - A complaintant admitted his concern was “petty” when he told police that his neighbor backed out of his driveway and hit a rock skidding it about three inches. There was no damage to the rock but a small piece of metal from the vehicle was noted. Police explained that the man could damage his own property and that it wasn’t a crime.

- Police also advised a number of homeowners that they needed to clean up their properties or they would be cited.


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