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Grand Coulee Police

2/21 - Police got a call from a Coulee Dam reserve officer that he was following a car near Jones Bay whose driver appeared to be under the influence. An officer arrived at the scene where the vehicle was stopped, but the driver didn’t show any signs of impairment.

- A woman called and told police that a certain woman was driving around “high as a kite” and “driving all over.” Police went to where the driver was, and she appeared fine.

2/22 - Police were advised that a subject was locked inside the fence at Grand Coulee Recycling. Police checked at the site and no one was inside the fence.

- Plant Protection requested that an officer search a semi-tractor. A police officer took the department’s explosives detection dog to the site and the rig was searched without incident.

2/23 - An officer was advised that a deer with an apparent broken leg was seen on Young Street. The officer drove around but couldn’t find the animal.

- A woman told police that she has been getting harassing text messages from her ex-boyfriend. The woman was asked to get a log of the harassing messages and provide that to the police.

- A man on Roosevelt Drive told police that someone had kicked a door in while he was away. He said as far as he could see nothing was taken. The officer was able to lift three fingerprints from the door that were sent to the crime lab for possible identification.

2/24 - A man from Iowa called police and asked questions about Grand Coulee Dam, including if the hum of the dam could be felt outside. The officer is forwarding the report for informational purposes.

- Police used the department’s explosives dog to do a search of a vehicle from Rexburg, Idaho. Nothing unusual turned up.

- An officer responded to a call that a man and woman were screaming at each other inside a vehicle in front of the Center Lodge Motel. The officer went to the site but couldn’t find anyone.

- A man has continued to request police get the phone records of his sister, who was reported missing and then found dead. Police explained that phone records can only be obtained if they are part of a criminal investigation, but there was no evidence at the seen that his sister was found in a crime scene.

2/25 - A man whose tabs had expired in 2010 was stopped on Midway Avenue. His driver’s license had expired in 2006. He was cited for the offenses.

- A person at Coulee Medical Center asked for police assistance with a disturbed patient. Police found a man talking with the receptionist who had a large contusion near his eye. He stated that he had been struck with a baseball bat on the Colville Indian Reservation. Tribal police were notified and the man agreed to treatment.

2/26 - A man told police that his former wife’s residence in Electric City had been entered and ransacked. An antique dresser and other items were taken.

Coulee Dam Police

2/15 - An officer confronted a woman parked in a restricted zone on top of the dam. When asked who she was, the woman told the officer it wasn’t any of his business what she was doing. She later identified herself and showed her Bureau of Reclamation badge. When asked who was in the car with her, she told the officer that “you don’t need to know that.” The two adults in the car, neither employees at the dam, identified themselves and the woman was allowed to leave the area. When the names were checked it was learned that one of the occupants of the car was a felon wanted on a warrant. The car was later stopped and the wanted man arrested.

- Plant Protection advised police that a car had passed a restricted check point and the driver failed to show his pass. The man told police that after he parked his car he went over to the guard shack and showed his pass.

2/17 - A wallet given to police contained a wide variety of objects. The wallet was found by an employee of Harvest Foods and taken to the Coulee Dam Post Office. The postal employee gave the wallet to police who were unable to contact the owner. The wallet is at police headquarters.

2/18 - A police officer assisted in placing a patient with a broken leg into an ambulance in Elmer City.

- Police observed a black and white dog in the roadway on the bridge slowing up traffic. The officer recognized the dog and said it was the second instance of it running loose.

2/19 - A homeowner on Camas Street told police that someone had tried to pry a garage window and broke the pane. The homeowner said he couldn’t see that anything was missing.

- A man was observed riding a skateboard in Mason City Park and the officer saw him flick a cigarette on the grounds. The man picked up the cigarette and disposed of it properly and was warned on both offenses.

2/20 - A woman told police that a white van hit her vehicle and then sped away toward Elmer City. She said she pursued the vehicle in an effort to get the license plate number but was unable to get close enough. Police notified Tribal Police.

- A woman on Camas reported that two men were sitting in a red pickup and she felt it was suspicious. Police talked to the men who stated that they had just returned from Spokane and that one of them lived on Camas. They were just visiting, they stated.

2/24 - A woman was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail after she allegedly assaulted her sister and damaged some of her property at an apartment on River Drive.

2/26 - An officer was requested to assist a tribal officer who was having trouble with a patient at Coulee Medical Center.

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