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Did you really think that TV would ditch ads?

So, you thought by cutting the cable-TV cord you’d avoid exorbitant monthly fees and those dreaded commercial interruptions. Now, you’ve subscribed to so many streaming services that your monthly tab is higher than before, and it t... — Updated 2/7/2024

 By Peter Funt    Opinion

Tom Smothers was serious about politics

Tom Smothers wasn’t the first performer to weaponize comedy for political purposes, but he was perfectly suited for it. During the height of his career with brother Dick in the ’60s and ’70s he took on Lyndon Johnson over his V... — Updated 1/3/2024

 By Peter Funt    Opinion

Cry me an atmospheric river

It’s hard to tell what’s changing faster, the weather or words used to describe it. I’ve lived on the Central California coast for some time and have endured many winter storms that line up in the Pacific and swirl across our state... — Updated 1/11/2023

 By Peter Funt    Opinion

Don't throw away your mask

Five years ago, a sports injury forced me to wear a light brace on my knee. Within a few months the joint was fine, yet to this day I continue to wear a brace on both knees when on the field. I feel there is prophylactic value,... — Updated 3/9/2022


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