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Re: "Mayor subject of harassment complaint" in Dec. 19 Star

I respect the electorate. Some had vetted — and others did not. And for my good reasons, I voted the minority (Gayle Swagerty) for mayor, based on my own vetting process … and she lost. After all, “it’s just an election... — Updated 12/26/2018


Coulee Dam should not subsidize Elmer City

Last week The Star published “Town now planning entire lift station to serve Elmer City.” As a short response, Coulee Dam should not subsidize Elmer City. It’s unreasonable, it’s poor strategy (with some caveats), it’s a... — Updated 10/31/2018


Fiber survey lacking

I just received the “Benefits of Fiber to the Home” (FTTH) survey included with our Coulee Dam utility bill. The “survey” reads like a poorly written grade-school student project! If Coulee Dam is truly interested in... — Updated 3/14/2018


City's first legislation in 2018 was not needed

In my last utility bill, I received a new notice of my/our garbage rate change — set for April 1st, 2018. The city did not advertise, nor include the notice, for indigent (low-income) discounts and that will impact on them too.... — Updated 2/28/2018


Alternative wastewater plant study more responsible and thoughtful

As you may know, we recently included a “Wastewater Treatment Project Update” with our utility bills. To the best of my knowledge and information, it is balanced and honest. During our last Council meeting (6/10/15), former... — Updated 6/18/2015 Full story


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