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7/30 - A man on Central Drive reported an intoxicated man on the roof of a house nearby. Police couldn’t locate any person on the roof of the place, and the officer explained to the man that a person has right to drink and work on his place if he wants to.

7/30 - Police advised residents living on Pine, Fir and Holly that their properties were in violation of the city code and they should clean up their properties.

8/2 - A dog barking brought police to a residence on Douglas Street. The officer knocked on the door and could hear a dog barking but no one came to the door. The officer left his business card and asked the resident to call him.

- A clerk at Harvest Foods reported that he had found a cigarette package in the store that had a straw and a plastic baggie with a white powder inside it. The white powder tested positive for cocaine. Police took the items and logged them into their evidence room.

8/5 - An officer responded to a 911 hang up call from Columbia River Inn. The officer checked several rooms to see who placed the call and one party said they had dialed the emergency number by mistake.

- Police answered a panic alarm from Coulee Dam Casino, but when the officer arrived a tribal officer on the scene reported that it was a false alarm.

8/6 - A truck bumped into a trailer being pulled by a Harley Davidson motorcycle at Jack’s Coulee View station and left a scratch on the trailer. The truck driver said he was waiting behind the motorcycle to gas up, and when it started to leave he proceeded. The two exchanged insurance information.

8/7 - Police were called to the Coulee Dam Credit Union parking lot after a woman told dispatch that a man was dying in her car. When officers arrived the woman screamed, “He’s in there,” pointing to the inside of the car. Police looked in -- nobody. Then the woman said, “He’s behind the motor.” The officer shined his flashlight behind the motor -- nothing. Then the woman screamed, “He’s under the car.” Again the flashlight -- nothing. Then shesaid someone was on the hill, shooting at her. The woman finally told the officers that she had taken a “line of meth” the day before. Because she was hallucinating, she was taken to Coulee Medical Center for treatment and her car was towed.

- A Grand Coulee Dam tour bus stalled on Columbia Avenue near Grant Street and the driver was unable to get it started. A heavy-duty tow truck was dispatched to move the 55-passenger bus.

8/8 - A Canadian driver pulling a trailer at the eastbound lane of travel at the Visitor Center access road ended up with his trailer against the stop sign, which tore the awning on his trailer. Police were seeking the cost of replacing the sign.

- Police had a report that two men were lying on the lawn in front of a house on Holly Street.

When an officer questioned one of the men, who was known to the officer, who the other man was, the first man stated, “I have no idea brother.” Both intoxicated men were taken to Coulee Medical Center.

- USBR’s Plant Protection called police about a strange small white light that flashed about every five seconds. Police determined that it was a light from a small boat on Lake Roosevelt.

8/9 - A woman at Coulee House told police that she saw some kids throw something at a sign while she was watching the laser light show. In the morning, she said, she noticed the theater sign had been damaged. She said the kids who threw at the sign were in the pool at the present time. The officer questioned the kids, but none admitted throwing at the sign.

- Police euthanized a small cat that had been run over on Columbia Avenue and was severely injured.

Grand Coulee Police

8/6 - Police were called when it was reported that a man was prowling vehicles near Flo’s Cafe. Police arrested him and took him to Grant County Jail.

- Spokane police advised local law enforcement officials that a car reported stolen from a local owner had been recovered and could be picked up at a towing firm there.

- A man who lives on O’Sullivan Road told police that someone had taken an X-Box 360, a fan and three controllers from his residence. He said some people had been over at his house the night before and that he thinks he knows who took the items.

- A woman living on Hill told police that a man had taken several items from her apartment as well as a key to the front door. In her written report, she stated that she had given him her state quarter collection to sell for her, but that he had taken the money and bought car parts and a tattoo gun. She said she also had put $150 on a Walmart card and the man had spent that.

- A report of a man yelling brought police to Spokane Boulevard NE. A Longview, Wash., man said he was yelling because he was mad that someone had tried to untie a rope holding down some of his belongings. He was told to keep the noise down.

8/7 - A man called police and said his vehicle, which has been in an impound yard for about a month, had been broken into and a battery and radio were missing.

- A woman on Young Street told police that someone had thrown a cooked chicken over her fence and her dog had eaten most of it and had “pooped blood.” She was worried that the chicken had been poisoned.

- An officer assisted in directing traffic when a Grand Coulee Dam tour bus got stranded at Grant Avenue and SR-155.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard said a neighbor had been driving down her alley, revving her motor up and speeding away. She said she planned to file for a restraining order.

- An Electric City woman pried open the door to her parents’ house, attempted to cook some food, and generally made a mess in the house and then left, her parents reported. They didn’t want to press charges.

8/8 - Plant Protection asked police for assistance in removing a Reno, Nev., man, who had been banned from Bureau of Reclamation property, from the 115 Kv yard. After the man collected his personal property he was escorted off the site.

8/9 - A burglary was reported at a residential site on W. Grand Avenue in Electric City for the second time. The police report stated that a door needed to be fixed so people couldn’t enter the place. Police came to the place when it was reported that the lights were on.

- A dog owner on Ronald was cited for having a dangerous dog after it chased a boy riding his bike for about a block, and then bared its teeth and charged a police officer who tried to get it back into its own yard. The dog twice charged the officer, who pulled his gun and nearly had to shoot the animal.

- An Olympia woman reported a hit and run involving her vehicle parked in the Safeway lot. She said she came out of the store and noticed that her bumper cover had been scraped. Damage was estimated at $350-$400.

- Police responded to a report of domestic violence on Spokane Way. The officer found that two very young juveniles, one 4 years old, had got into a fight, and when they were being separated a mother of one of the children was bitten by a “pit bull type” dog. When the children got into the fight, the mothers of the two got into an argument.

8/10 - A man was stopped on Martin Road when an officer noticed that his vehicle tabs had expired. When checking the driver ,it was learned that his license was suspended and he was wanted on warrants out of Okanogan and Grant counties. He was taken to Ephrata to the Grant County Jail.

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