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Grand Coulee


6/13 - Security footage at Coulee Gas didn’t show anything helpful for a man trying to find his wallet, with the gas station being the last place he remembered having it.

6/14 - A woman on School Avenue reported a white man in a black hoodie captured on security footage walking through her yard with a flashlight. Nothing was missing from her property, but she wanted to warn police about the man prowling the area.

- Police spoke to a man who admitted to urinating in the open near Continental Heights. The man said he really had to go and would find a better spot next time.

6/15 - A woman reported a white van with Pennsylvania plates pulled up next to her daughter’s car while she was out walking at North Dam. She said it was suspicious that it parked so close since there was nobody else there. The occupants of the van got out and walked around her daughter’s vehicle as if looking for something. The woman ended up picking up her daughter and driving her right next to her vehicle to insure she was safe.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- A man was reported as following a 10-year-old girl while carrying a steak knife in the area of Jackson Avenue. Police were able to identify who the man was based on a witness’ description but were unable to find him as they searched the community.

- Police went to the Eden Harbor boat launch where a truck was submerged in the water, with only the rooftop showing. Two people said that while they were fishing, the truck slipped out of gear and rolled into the water. Another truck towed it out. Personnel from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s fire department took a look at oil spillage that occured in the water and determined it was too minimal to be a fire danger and there was nothing they could do about it.

6/15 - Police didn’t locate anyone inside the old school on Spokane Way where lights were on and banging heard inside.

6/17 - Police checked the area of the hospital on a report of a teenage girl with autism wandering alone in the area but didn’t find anyone matching her description.

- Police checked on a man whose car broke down along Alcan Road. He said he was going to get more tools to try to fix it, and that if he couldn’t he would ask a friend to tow it. He didn’t require police assistance.

6/18 - Police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked on Goodfellow Avenue. The car had an expired registration and looked as if people could be living inside of it. They then noticed two people in the distance who disappeared from view, and the police report suggests that police may have interrupted a property theft. Around the same time, police told two other people to leave the driveway of an unoccupied residence where they had parked and were sleeping in their car without any good reason to be at that residence. 

- A woman was arrested and charged with four counts of assault and malicious mischief after allegedly hitting four people and damaging a windshield at a wedding reception on Stevens Avenue in Electric City. She was highly intoxicated, according to the police report.

- Police spoke to campers at Sunbanks Resort who were being loud late at night. Reportedly, two of the campers said they were arguing about squirrels running up and down trees, and the officer wrote in his report that he found this story “nutty.” The campers agreed to quiet down, with one particularly intoxicated man giving the officer a “fist bump” before the officer left. 

6/20 - A wallet was reported missing from a Park Avenue address. A woman’s mother was said to have paid a woman who mowed her lawn, then later noticed the wallet missing. The property owner explained that he hires people to mow the lawn but that a woman doesn’t work for them. No fraudulent charges had been made with cards in the wallet.

- A group on Grand Avenue was just eating pizza, and not fighting as had been suspected when police received a report of a noise complaint.


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