New police car badging discussed ... and discussed again


Last updated 5/5/2021 at 8:12am

The city logo, somewhat faded, on the side of a current Grand Coulee police car.

You may be able to spot a Grand Coulee Police car more easily if the department gets new badging for their cars. 

The topic of "rebadging" eight Grand Coulee Police patrol cars was discussed at Grand Coulee's March 16 council meeting.

"Apparently, people think the wave is weird," Mayor Paul Townsend said about the current logo that is on the side doors of the police cars, a version of the city's logo which shows a drawing of the Grand Coulee Dam with a wave flowing from it.

City Clerk Lorna Pearce pointed out that there's nothing identifying the cars until you are looking at that side logo.

An option presented in the council packet showed the words "Grand Coulee Police" in larger lettering on the side of a car, with a stripe running the length of the vehicle.

In the same option, "Police" and "Grand Coulee" would both be written on the back of the vehicle in large letters, and "Police" on the front of the vehicle in smaller letters under the vehicle's headlight.

The council discussed the new badging further at their April 20 meeting. 

Councilmember Tom Poplawski said that just as an officer would identify as an officer while approaching someone, the cars should do the same. That could help avoid issues in law enforcement situations.

Poplawski also pointed out that because Grand Coulee Police also serve Electric City, confusion there could cause issues, as well.

So what should the cars say?

Councilmember Gary Carriere said he felt the towns should have consolidated a long time ago and that the cars could have simply said "Grand Coulee Dam area" or something all-encompassing. 

Townsend said a committee could look at the issue further, and no further action was taken.

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