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6/30 - Neighbors who share a driveway on Roosevelt Drive argued about garbage. One of the neighbors took pictures of the driveway and posted them on Facebook. Police told them to be civil to one another. 

7/1 - Police responded to Northrup Canyon Road for a possible traffic accident. There was no accident, but someone had a medical issue and was taken to the hospital. 

- Police investigated a possible burglary at a vacant Dill Avenue house where doors were open, a ladder moved, and more. It turns out the owner had given permission to someone to do work there. 

7/2 - Police were unable to locate an older black Mustang that was reported to have been driven by a man who was intensely yelling at his children near a gas station in Grand Coulee. 

7/3 - Police used a shovel to kill a rattlesnake that was in a bucket at a Grand Avenue woman’s home. 

- An officer took a loose dog to its home somewhere near Martin Road. 

- A School Avenue woman reported a neighbor’s fireworks landing in her yard. Police stayed in the area for about 30 minutes but didn’t see or hear any more fireworks. There was another fireworks complaint near Hillcrest and Park avenues that police also didn’t find anyone lighting. A complaint coming from Goodfellow Avenue resulted in police finding people lighting legal fireworks in their yard near Stevens Avenue and School Avenue. 

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- An intoxicated man on Burdin Boulevard was given a ride home by an officer. 

7/4 - A man who had been causing a disturbance at SunBanks Resort had already left prior to police arrival. The rest of the campers in the group said he would not return and had apologized for his behavior. 

- A woman allegedly stole about $90 worth of alcohol from Safeway. She was banned from the store. An officer offered to take her to her listed address but she said she is no longer welcome there after egging the owner’s car and home. 

- A man was reportedly intoxicated in the roadway near Burdin Boulevard and Third Street. He said he was trying to get his dog home. The  man declined a ride home. His mother was contacted and told her son, and the dog, were at large on Burdin. The mother said she would take care of it.

- An officer checked on the welfare of dogs inside a camper. The dogs were fine, and an air conditioner was running. 

- People lighting fireworks near F Street were told that the city of Grand Coulee doesn’t allow fireworks.

- A man on Diamond Street said the fireworks were disturbing his dogs and triggering his post traumatic stress disorder. An officer spoke to him about the fireworks, which are legal in Electric City. The officer noted speaking with several households about fireworks safety. 

- Police spoke to a driver at Safeway who was reported to have been passing other cars recklessly. The driver said he only passed one vehicle since Coulee City and it went fine. 

7/5 - A park ranger ticketed the driver of a truck towing a boat at Steamboat Rock State Park. The driver’s wife was upset. The driver and others in the party had blocked the park ranger in where he was parked, prompting him to request assistance from Grand Coulee police and Grant County officers. The issue was eventually resolved. 

7/6 - Police checked on an elderly man lying on gravel near Burdin Boulevard. He was able to get up and had no injuries. Family was nearby to help. 

7/7 - A man was arrested near F Street and Division Street following an incident at an E Street address in which he got into an argument with his wife. Shoving was involved, and the man allegedly took her phone away when she said she was calling the police. He left there to cool off. He was arrested for assault as well as interfering with reporting of domestic violence. 

Coulee Dam


6/29 - An officer recognized a vehicle he had stopped before. The car is registered to two people, one with a suspended license and one without any license. An officer spoke to the driver, who was unlicensed, and was cited for not having an ID on her. Since no one could come pick up the vehicle, and the driver had children and groceries with her, she was allowed to drive home to Nespelem.

7/3 - A man was cited for driving with a suspended license and for having the wrong plates on his vehicle. He was pulled over for the plates near Camas Street. Another driver was contacted to come get the truck, and an officer took the plates, registered to a passenger car. 


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