By Jesse Utz 

Labor Day Blessings

Jess, shut up!


If your Labor Day weekend was anything like mine, it was packed full of awesomeness, and we stayed busy. I saw lots of you doing lawn work, finishing honey-do lists and traveling over the unofficial last weekend of summer. There were some special moments for our family, as well. Let me give you a sneak peek of our weekend.

If you haven’t heard by now, Karrie and I are in what we call a transition stage. We are morphing into grandparents, and as a part of that Karrie has decided to stay home this year and take care of Ali (granddaughter) and Cairo (nephew). So we have remodeled the living room into a multi-use environment. We headed to Spokane to get the finishing touches for our babies. Space rugs, high chairs, baby gate and odds and ends were all found and transported back to the Coulee. Before we left, though, we ran into Lachelle and Miah Bearcub, two former students that are doing great as young adults. The talk blessed us both.

Saturday, we went to the event that was in the making for 17 years. Flint and April tied the knot in front of family and friends as the two completed the vows of their ongoing relationship. These two community members have poured into many a student athlete over the years and it was a joy and blessing to see them complete their relationship with grace and style. It is always great when family can come together because of a joyous occasion. This was defiantly joyous as was felt by the speeches, dances and ceremonial customs. It was a heartfelt time for all present.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

On Sunday, we were invited to go to Wellpinit to be a part of a prayer ministry at this year’s powwow. We had never been there but were excited to bless others. We saw lots and lots of people we knew from our area and many folks were prayed for. People were healed of physical and emotional scarring and God’s love shined through. Many times when praying for others we are blessed just as much as they are, and that happened again this time. We also met some great and powerful prayer warriors for the Lord’s kingdom. I know we will all see each other again very soon.

Upon returning home, the baby prepping continued, along with some great family moments. Jesse helped Karrie and me move a couch to Aunt Winni’s house, and thank goodness he helped. It was a tight fit, and because of an accident and a broken bucket we were able to get the couch into the home. Sometimes a mistake can work for your benefit, and it did that day. After that, we had a great breakfast at R&A and shared some great stories over an omelet and coffee. Later, Grandma stopped by the house and visited awhile as we continued the baby prepping process. Soon after that, Nickle stopped in for dinner, and more blessed conversation took place.

All in all, it was a great weekend and blessed us all with the unexpected moments, and the planned moments were a true sign that we were making the right decisions. It is so important to pour into the ones you love and the people you don’t know who find themselves standing in your path. There is this little thing called Divine Appointments that really is a big thing. When given the opportunity to speak truth into someone’s life, it is important that we jump at the chance. It does not matter if it is a groom or baby. A stranger or a lifelong friend. A waitress or a student. We must say and do what God is putting on our hearts. It was not a coincidence that they were put in your path on this day. I’m Jess saying.


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