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4/28 - A large fight on Dill Street involved several people with conflicting accounts of exactly what happened. A man said he was confronting a neighbor either about an RV he was selling him, or a wood chipper he heard they were planning to steal from him. The man said he brought a wrench with him in case a fight started. During the fight, the neighbors, two brothers, reportedly beat the man with their mother’s walking stick, breaking both of his forearms as was shown by hospital x-rays. More neighbors, seeing what was going on, joined the fight to stop the brothers and another man, fearful they would beat the man on the ground to death. One of those neighbors suffered a head injury, and the other hits to the leg from the stick which he managed to wrestled away from one of the men. Police showed up around this time. Brass knuckles were also at the scene. The parties all claimed self defense. One of the brothers was arrested, as was another man hiding in the house. The other brother took off, and was arrested later on. The reporting party said they were fearful for their safety and that they would be working on getting no-contact orders from the county.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

5/17 - A man wanted on a warrant was spotted by an officer walking down Young Street. The officer arrested him and took him to jail.

5/18 - A man wanted on a warrant was spotted by an officer walking around Silver Drive, going down a hill and behind some houses. The officer arrested him and took him to jail.

5/19 - A man wanted on a warrant was spotted by an officer walking down Cole Street. The officer arrested him and took him to jail.

5/20 - An officer went to the outlook just below Grand Coulee Dam on SR-155 in response to a report of a vehicle blocking traffic. The driver arrived at the vehicle shortly after the officer with a gas can, saying he broke down. The officer knew the driver to have a suspended license. The driver reportedly told the officer, “You know that I know you know I’m not supposed to be driving,” paced around and asked if he could leave. The man was also a wanted suspect in a burglary at Safeway. He was arrested and taken to jail.

5/21 - The hospital requested that a man, who had been in the lobby restroom for a long time, leave if he had no medical reason to be there. An officer told the man that, and he left.

- A man and woman on Grand Avenue argued about a vehicle registered to both of them. The officer told them it was a civil matter.

- A man allegedly threw a beer bottle at a moving truck on SR-174 near E Street, causing $863.18 worth of damage. The couple in the vehicle said that an E Street resident had run at them as they drove by, saying, “I’m going to kill you,” when he threw the bottle. The couple then drove straight to the police station. Police spoke with the couple on E Street and were told that there is drama between the two couples involving a parenting plan, and of alleged threats made by the man in the truck who drives by the house on E Street. The man in the truck denied making any threats. The officer told both parties to avoid each other.

5/22 - An elderly man was attempting to turn into Jack’s 4 Corners gas station on SR-174. The man turned perpendicular to oncoming traffic, then attempted to drive over the curb before backing up and pulling into the actual entrance. An officer spoke to the man, and although finding him to have his wits about him, called his son to have someone else drive him home.

- A man reported that he believes his neighbor is harassing him by parking near his home and pacing in front of her house, which faces his. An order in place prevents the woman from being within 20 feet of his house and from surveilling his residence.

- Someone reported an intoxicated male walking in the area of Martin Road. An officer located the man, who assured the officer he was OK.

- Someone reported hearing a woman yelling for help in the area of Burdin Boulevard. An officer found a woman lying face down on the concrete. She was said to be intoxicated and drooling. She was taken to Coulee Medical Center to check for injuries.

5/24 - A woman on Goodfellow Avenue told her landlord that he couldn’t enter her residence under any circumstance. The landlord told the tenant he was going to do an inspection and plumbing work at the residence in three days. The officer told the landlord it was a civil matter if he wanted to evict her. No crimes were committed.

- A man known to be wanted on warrants was spotted at H&H Grocery. He was arrested and taken to jail. Police reported he was carrying two knives and some meth.

- Police were advised of a man who told dispatch he was drinking and hallucinating somewhere in the area of Spring Canyon and a junkyard. Police searched an area they know of matching that description but were unable to find him. Dispatch told police the man called back and said he was fine.

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5/21 - Police responded to Jack’s gas station on Stevens Avenue, where a car had reportedly been running for hours with no driver. The nearby motel said it wasn’t any of their guests. Police responded to another call, and when they returned, the vehicle was gone.

- An officer responded to a civil matter on Stevens Avenue. A man wanted to take his son to Moses Lake to see the son’s grandparents, and the mother of the child didn’t want to let him. The man said his tribal advocate said he was allowed to do so. The man was allowed to take the child to Moses Lake along with other family members. The officer also told the mother and father that tribal legal matters were out of his jurisdiction.

5/24 - A vehicle was towed from near R&A Cafe. The vehicle had been parked there for about 12 days.

5/25 - A man had been upset about his girlfriend’s drinking. He wanted her to stop, but she wouldn’t, so he put all the alcohol away so she couldn’t get to it. She said she wants to go back to California, and the man said he’d buy her a ticket there. The woman told the officer she was going to bed, and the officer told her that was a good idea.


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