Planned street change a bad idea


Last updated 4/24/2019 at 10:24am

I am a concerned Electric City resident. The proposed cutoff of Western in town is a dangerous and irresponsible action of the city council and mayor.

Emergency services do everything they can to expedite response time. The Electric City mayor and city council are slowing down response time by this foolish project.

From my information, fire, EMS and police are adamantly opposed to this plan. ECVFD to respond from their station, mutual aid fire, EMS and police responding to fires or medical emergencies or police protection and serving area residents.

Talking to other residents, they are opposed as well. Imagine if you’re towing a boat, camper or whatever and want to go up Western; you would have to either take a sharp turn on Stevens (going into the opposite lane) or turn off the highway a block or two early, or go up Stevens a block and turning either way you are towing through more residential areas — unacceptable.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Why are citizens and emergency services being ignored by the mayor and council?

Why wasn’t there community meeting besides council to get input from citizens before it got to this point?

If it is a pedestrian danger there, why is a bus stop there?

Talking to Fire Chief Payne, he called this disaster “Russ’s Park.” Is this a vanity project condoned by mayor and council?

Election time is coming up; since public safety is of no concern to city officials, maybe it’s time for the voters to clean house. Besides this disaster, they’re buying a vehicle clear out of area and a $40,000 welcome sign. It’s time.

George Kohout

Retired GCVFD Fire Chief and

Electric City resident


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