By Jesse Utz 

What a weekend!

Jess, shut up!


I was going to tell you all about Alianna Rose this week and how she came into the world. As I thought about it, I realized that it was not my story to tell. It is the parents’ story; it is for Levi and Davida Seylor to share with all of you. As much as I want to tell you all about being a brand-new grandparent of a little angel, I am going to refrain. But what I am going to share with you is about a wonderful facility and the people that work in this place called Coulee Medical Center.

This place has really changed over the years, and the staff we interacted with during our time there over the weekend blessed us all to no end. But let me back up a bit. When you get a phone call in the middle of the night, saying it is time to have a baby, all the emotions run rampant: joy that you are about to be a grandparent, fear of complications, anxiety of a possible false alarm and diligence of “is everything ready?” All these things flow together and mix as you gather in a room, waiting for a baby to make her appearance.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

It started with a smiling face at the front desk. As if she already knew why we were there, she had a look of confidence as she ushered us back with a smile and a nod. Then we saw Noel. Her calmness and professionalism were felt. Then Wheatie. As she hustled and bustled to make sure everything was right and ready, Rachel, Michael, Beth, Dr. Knox and Dr. Chaffee all made sure we knew exactly what was going on, what to expect, and that they were there to answer any questions. They kept checking in, and we felt like super-special guests as we all waited patiently.

It did not stop there either, as the night became morning and the day became two days. Staff kept asking us questions, congratulating, smiling, accommodating. As we paced, walked, ate, and waited, we never felt uneasy or in the way. We were treated like guests at the palace. From the housekeepers to dietary, the coffee stand, front desk, maintenance, nurses, doctors and administration all took time to smile and share in our joy, and they kept doing it, too. Yes, they were all busy doing their assigned tasks, but they did it with style, integrity and caring hearts. Like they were part of our family. If this is the impression CMC is making on all clients, then this place is going straight to the top, especially in our book. It was a very special time that was made extraordinary by the people who work at CMC.

From Bob, who was training at the front desk, to Lori and her special orders in dietary, to Ramona and her spirit-filled leadership, to Lauralee and her skills in cleaning with a smile. And I could go on and on. But there were stars on this day. Dr. Knox is a superstar in the medical field, and on this day she showed that CMC made an exceptional move in hiring her. The same can be said for Rachel Seekins, Wheatie Desautel, Beth Goetz, Noel Lyngholm and Michael Rimpler, all stars in what they did and how they made us feel. But really, there was not one bad experience, not one moment that could have been improved by the staff — five-star treatment from walking in to walking out. I am hard to impress, and these folks at CMC did it and with style.

But they are not the only ones. USBR and Grand Coulee Dam School District, our employers, have proved once again that they are family-friendly places to work. Knowing that at any moment we could rush away, they accommodated without a second thought. Pepper Jack’s also deserves a nod, as well, for the special love they showed a new father and his first meal after being up so long without eating.

We live in a special place, and I have not even mentioned the hundreds of congratulations messages we have received from all over the area and the state. It makes us proud to call Coulee Country our hometown and to show a new little girl that our area is pretty special. And it just got a little more special because she is in it. Thank you, all.


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