Candidate visits Elmer City


Salley Bull, who is running for Okanogan County commissioner for District 3, spoke to the Elmer City Town Council at their meeting on Oct. 11.

District 3 spans from about Wauconda to Conconully, Bull noted, but everyone in Okanogan County gets to vote in the general election.

“My family homesteaded in the Chiliwist Valley,” Bull said. “My relatives were community-minded doctors, nurses, teachers, preachers, council members, and on boards for the school, hospital, and irrigation district.”

“I’ve been active in the community on the county level for quite some time now,” Bull continued. “I’m an Okanogan County Planning Commission member and on the Board of Equalization, where you can appeal the appraisal of your property.”

Bull is also on the Oroville Library and Community board.

“We remodeled the old craftsman building,” Bull said. “I was project manager for that. We updated a lot for that. People raised money for that for 30 years and argued about how to spend it. And when I was made president of the board we got into brass tacks for what we needed, what we could afford, and what we had to do, and we got a terrific building. And that’s what I want to do for the county.”

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Bull also said that Okanogan County is about 20 percent below the poverty level and said she wants to see the county thrive with jobs so children and grandchildren can have lives there.

Jimmer Tillman, public works director for Elmer City, said that one concern is that people around Elmer City, in the corner of the county, often feel neglected on the county level, by the county sheriff’s office, or otherwise.

“That’s a big complaint you get around here,” Tillman said.

“I like your history,” Tillman told Bull. “Your roots run deep, and you have a genuine concern for the community.”

The general election is being held on Nov. 6.


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