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9/3 - A chainsaw, valued at $1,500, was stolen out of a man’s truck on Good St. in Electric City.

9/5 - A Grand Coulee man said another man had threatened to punch him in the face a few days earlier.

- A driver pulled over on Kent St. in Electric City was charged with driving with faulty brake lights. His passenger was charged with openly smoking marijuana in public after the passenger blew a cloud of smoke out the rear window during the traffic stop.

9/6 - A driver pulled over on Hillcrest was cited with driving without a license or insurance, and for failure to renew her tabs after being pulled over for not having a license plate on the front of her vehicle. A license plate was in the windshield.

- A driver was pulled over on Midway after an officer ran the registration of the vehicle that showed the driver as not having a valid license. She was issued citations for driving without a license, and driving without insurance. The woman apologized, said she was working on getting her license, and that a licensed driver was on the way to help with the vehicle.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- An officer is recommending that a juvenile driver be charged with driving without a license, insurance, or registration after pulling him over at the intersection of Federal Way and Weil Place. The driver’s car was towed.

- A man pulled over on Electric Boulevard was charged with driving while his license was suspended.

9/7 - A driver pulled over near Pole Park for having a taillight out was cited for having a suspended license.

- A dog thought to have been hit at Sunbanks Lake Resort was taken to Grant County Humane Society after an attempt to locate the owner failed. The dog will be put up for adoption on Sept. 12.

- Loud music couldn’t be found on E Street at about 6 p.m.

- A driver pulled over on Midway Ave. was charged with driving with a suspended license. His vehicle was towed after he was warned just the day before for the same offense. When asked why he would drive after being warned just the day before, he said, “I just asked myself the same thing.”

9/8 - A loud vehicle reported to be driving up and down Dill Ave while blaring loud music could not be found upon police arrival.

- Four juveniles were charged for being minors in possession and consumption of marijuana and alcohol, after being pulled over near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam for going 53 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone.

- A woman police stopped on Midway for having a headlight out was cited for driving without a license.

9/9 - An officer assisted an ambulance with loading up a sick patient from Electric City.

- A woman informed police that she had taken two people from an accident north of Nespelem to Coulee Medical Center.

- An Auburn man was pulled over on SR-155 for driving 56 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone. The man was cited for speeding, not having insurance, and failure to carry a registration.

9/10 - A driver with a Colorado license was pulled over on the Bridgeport highway for going 60 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone. She was issued a citation for speeding.

- A Division Street woman receiving violation notifications from California believes the issue is due to license plates being stolen in 2016. Police suggested she write a letter to California explaining the situation. The woman is cleared of any violations, having sold her previous vehicle years ago.

- A man pulled over near Four Corners for not having a seatbelt on was charged for that, as well as for failure to prove he had insurance. The man only had a text showing he had paid his insurance.

- Two men chopping wood on a vacant lot on Dill Ave. were thought to be trespassing. The men said they were just trying to clean up the empty lot, and didn’t know to whom the property belonged. The officer told them he couldn’t give them permission to work on the lot. The men agreed to leave and try to find out to whom the lot belonged.


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