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5/8 - A Nespelem driver was cited for driving with a suspended license after he was stopped because of a faulty light.

- A woman who had a warrant for her arrest was seen on Midway Avenue, arrested and taken to Grant County jail.

- A man who was trying out a set of drums at Wenatchee Avenue and Alcan Road was told the noise was bothering a neighbor. He said he would quit playing them.

5/9 - A woman at a Midway Avenue apartment told police that a man she helped put in jail was out and that she was afraid. She was told to call 911 if the man approached her.

5/10 - An apartment neighbor reported that someone had pried open the door on an adjacent apartment and things were scattered around. The officer found a pry bar near the door. It was reported that the tenant was in Arizona.

- A welfare check was made at a residence on East Cardinal Road, but the party was not home.

- A person called police to say he had tried to contact a man at Banks Lake Lane NE in Electric City. Police went to the residence, entered through a window and found the man on the floor. He told police he fell and had been on the floor for a full day. The ambulance was called.

5/11 - Police were called to the hospital after a staff member found a baggie, which she thought contained meth, on a patient. The material in the bag tested positive for meth. The woman who had the baggie was informed that the report was going to the prosecutor’s office with a recommendation that she be charged with possession of a controlled substance.

- Police posted a 24-hour notice on an abandoned vehicle on West Grand Avenue in Electric City, stating that if it wasn’t removed it would be towed.

- A man on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City reported at the police department that he had found a rifle in his garbage can. The officer went to his residence and found the rifle to be a pellet gun. It was logged into the police lost and found.

- A woman living on Washington Place reported that a stray dog was curled up on her deck. The officer said that something could be done when the vet clinic opened in the morning.

- Police went to Coulee Dam to check on an alarm at city hall. The building was secure. The officer assisted Coulee Dam because its officer was out on another call.

- A Grand Coulee man was cited for driving under the influence after being stopped by police for lane violations near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam.

5/12 - While investigating a burglary on Burdin Boulevard, an officer saw a man wanted on a warrant. The man was arrested on the warrant and taken to Grant County jail.

Police told a 13-year-old that she had to listen and obey her guardian. The two had a dispute when the girl didn’t want to leave the carnival.

- An officer checked on a 911 hang-up call on Spokane Way and found two males, whom they advised to keep the noise down.

5/13 - A Twisp driver was stopped for faulty tail lights, and the officer found that he was driving with a suspended license. He was cited. A licensed passenger took charge of the vehicle.

- Police responded to a call of a fight at Electric City Bar and Grill. The two men who were fighting had left before police arrived.

- An Electric City man known to be wanted on an arrest warrant was seen driving and was stopped near North Dam Park. He was taken to Grant County jail.

5/14 - Officers arrested a woman wanted on a warrant as she was fueling up at Coulee Gas. They took her to Grant County jail.

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5/7 - Police assisted a man on Cedar Street, who had fallen because he was intoxicated, into his house and into bed. The man stated that he would be alright.

- The credit union advised police that they had received by deposit a counterfeit $20 bill. The person who deposited didn’t know where he got it.

5/8 - A driver at Aspen Street and River Drive received a warning for making an improper turn.

5/10 - A resident of Camas Street was cited for allowing her two dogs to run loose. She advised the officer that he didn’t need to explain the citation to her.

5/11 - Police arrested a man for driving under the influence and speeding 50 mph in a 35 mph zone on Highway 155. He was taken to Okanogan County jail. The vehicle was towed.

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