Newhouse votes to restrict your court rights


What do Congressman Dan Newhouse and the Republican Party have against United States citizens’ relying on the courts to defend their rights, their lives, the places they love, and their livelihoods? Wonder what I’m referring to?

During the 115th Congress, Republicans have introduced at least 50 bills to limit your rights as a citizen to take cases of corporate and private misconduct to the courts. Eleven have passed in the House of Representatives and Newhouse voted for all eleven of them. These include:

- H.J. Res. 111, which limits your ability to sue banks for doing things like setting up fraudulent accounts in your name;

- H.R. 620, which shifts to the disabled themselves, including hundreds of veterans without limbs, the burden of removing barriers to accessibility;

- H.R. 732, which limits restitution from polluters for damages caused by environmental disasters like the Exxon Valdez oil spill;

- H. R. 1215, which restricts people from seeking relief from harm suffered from medical malpractice.

Rep. Newhouse voted for these and seven more like them. Let’s ask him how he intends to vote on the remaining 40 when they come up for vote.

Patti Nordby


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