By Jesse Utz 

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Last updated 10/12/2016 at 11:05am

As most of us are trying to decide our political view on things, there are others out there who are struggling with much more serious issues. No, not clowns, and, no, not Cougars or Huskies, but a struggle that hits a little closer to home. The fight is personal, just to get through the day. We are all under attack and we must take up our arms and fight back. The enemy is not the person who sneaks into our yards and steals some material thing. Our enemy is the evil spirit behind it.

I have friends that are struggling financially, emotionally and physically. Some are addicted to their poison of choice. That poison is just a crutch for their lives. They have used that crutch for years, some decades. Some have tried to get fixed. It has worked for some, but others have fallen right back in deeper than before. Some have ended up in jail, and sadly some have ended up dead. Addiction is a powerful thing that rips apart families, communities and individuals.

The worst part is the poison makes you think that the only way to survive is with the addiction of choice, and some will do anything, anything at all, to get their “fix” of choice just to think straight.

But there is hope. The weird part is that we on the outside — who feel we are the victims of these “local zombies,” the ones who are mad as hornets because we were wronged — we might be the only ones who can help these individuals.

You see, most of the addicted in our area, well, they are home. They are locals who have nowhere else to go. They have been here for years, abusing themselves and setting themselves up for a great fall. But we have the power to stop it all.

But before I say one more word about this, there are precautions we need to take as a community. Yes, community watch groups need to be set up with the approval of local police departments and councils. The cops and the community watch must work together. We must also not make it easy for the sick. We must lock up our stuff, lock up our cars and must not leave our valuables in plain sight. We must call in suspicious people and circumstances. Give the local police a chance to do their jobs.

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OK, back to the real way to help the addicted. We love them. I know, you are thinking I am off my rocker. But if we get them real help, then all the crime disappears. Rehab, jail, detox are all places that these people can go to get help, but without the love of an individual, family and community, true healing will never happen. We also must pray for them. Pray for them to find help. In a church, in jail or in a neighborhood. You see, some of these fellow citizens out there that are terrorizing the streets never really had a chance at a normal life. Some did and failed, but others have been fighting an uphill battle since day one and feel that everyone and everything is against them. We, as a loving people, must show them love, and that will show them hope.

But the title of this column says “You,” and I have not even made this personal for you yet. Or maybe I have. Because it might be you who is addicted. Get help. Real help. Or you might be the one who is fed up with being robbed. Or you might be the one that knows your neighbor is addicted and needs help. Or you might be someone who can organize the community watch. Or you could be the one who knows who is getting robbed tonight. Put a stop to it all. Let love in, act on the overall best interest of a community.

Yes, we don’t want the drugs or crime in our area, but we would also like to see a thriving, surviving community as well. Take someone to church who you know needs some love. Reach out and help the struggling, so they do not need to turn to crime. Let’s clean up the streets, not by force, but with compassion and love.


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