Continued pot prohibition aids criminals

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Last updated 4/1/2015 at 9:29am

I find it very disappointing that we are beginning the third year in which adults over 21 years of age living in Washington state can legally possess and use cannabis (marijuana) products, yet we have NO legal cannabis businesses in the Grand Coulee Dam Area (Electric City, Grand Coulee, Coulee Dam, et cetera) due to local moratoriums.

Don’t get me wrong, as there are PLENTY of cannabis products available here in our cities and towns ... just NONE from legitimate businesses.

To our local city council members: I am sure that the criminal elements here about certainly do whole heartedly Thank You for Your Support. One can only think that supporting the criminal enterprises must pay off more than allowing legally licensed, law abiding, and tax paying businesses to operate locally would.

Now, how about some local support for those of us who do not approve of this Gangland Mentality?

Tom Hawkins

Grand Coulee

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

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