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 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Keeping America's semiconductor edge is paramount

Surprisingly, there is something U.S. Presidents agree upon: America’s economic and national security hinge upon maintaining our technology edge in semiconductors. Those tiny computer chips are the brains of modern electronics.... — Updated 3/24/2021

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

Strong agriculture labor program needed to stop illegal immigration

In the first two and a half months of 2021, illegal immigration has reached a crisis point. There have been more than 200,000 illegal border crossings with as many as 5,000 illegal crossing encounters in one day. In order to mainta... — Updated 3/17/2021

 By Ken Paulson    Opinion

Let government know who's boss

When government fails, it’s the rare public official who says, “Oops. My fault.” That’s human nature, particularly for officials in the public eye who may have to run for office again. No one wants to be held directly... — Updated 3/17/2021


State Senate approves capital gains income by a single vote

The Senate on March 6 voted 25-24 to pass Senate Bill 5096, a proposal that seeks to create a state income tax on capital gains. The Senate’s passage of a state income tax is beyond disappointing, although not entirely... — Updated 3/17/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

The not-exactly official report

It’s on again! Here’s the good news: the Bureau of Reclamation plans on restarting its fire station project. The bad news is that no one has any confidence the bureau will ever finish the project. This project has had more... — Updated 3/17/2021

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion

One good thing to keep

One silver lining of our time in the covid cloud points to a better way of doing some things, a way that should not be abandoned as we shake off what some may think feels like a kind of societal hibernation: better, more-open... — Updated 3/17/2021

 By Bob Valen    Opinion

What are the polar jet stream and arctic polar vortex?

A portion of the geographic United States, specifically the Southern Plains and Gulf Coast, were hit hard in late February with unusual life-threatening winter weather. The state... — Updated 3/10/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Mrs. Hollenback's peaches

You could call them the formidable four. There was my mom, Mrs. Hollenback (a widow), Mabel Brantner (local tavern owner’s wife), and the preacher’s wife, Mrs. Stott. They spent a lot of time together. They attended church tog... — Updated 3/10/2021

 By John M. Adkins    Opinion

Find progressive solutions

I want to thank the GCDSD Board of Directors for making sure their coaches are being fully compensated and that each sport is getting an assistant for various logical reasons. Thanks for stepping up and doing the right thing. I res... — Updated 3/10/2021


Think twice about J & J

Many of us have received the two-step vaccine but are still urged to wear masks. Eventually, if enough of us are vaccinated, we’ll be able to put mask history behind us. But, before you choose the Johnson and Johnson vaccine,... — Updated 3/10/2021


Differences in vaccines

Presently there are three vaccines for COVID 19 corona virus that have been approved in the USA for use. 1. Pfizer vaccine; 2. Moderna vaccine; 3. Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines used no aborted baby... — Updated 3/10/2021

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion

Coulee Clem is not an outlaw

The four-town community has long had a tradition of deciding to use common resources to help in a communal spring cleaning, sprucing the community up and lifting spirits after a long winter. Back in the day, the effort even had a... — Updated 3/10/2021

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

Our country rests on people doing the right thing

As the events of the past few months have unfolded, I have often found myself wondering what our Founders would have made of it all. Impossible to know, of course, but they had plenty of insight to offer. In particular, I keep... — Updated 3/3/2021

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

Governor Inslee, what is Phase 3?

When our state moved into Phase 2 of Governor Inslee’s latest iteration of a reopening plan, it signaled a well-deserved step forward for our region. Following guidelines under the leadership of local health districts and elected... — Updated 3/3/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Joe, and those motorcycle days

Joe Emerson joined our class as a junior at Palouse High School. He became my closest friend and remained so for several years. His older brother had ties with a motorcycle group in Spokane and we soon followed him there. Our... — Updated 3/3/2021


Regarding park funding

As a former council member and current park committee member, along with my co-park committee member, I have sat back, listened, and read the newspaper. We feel it is important to correct information regarding the Electric City... — Updated 3/3/2021


Feeling a lot of stress

I hope you write sometime about the mental stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve struggled with mental stress a lot, and here is how I feel: The COVID19 pandemic — with its deaths, economic hardship and curbs on social... — Updated 3/3/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Grades or duck hunting

I started college when I was 25, and already with a family. That required that I had to work a lot to pay my way, and of course the bills. While I had several jobs, carried a full course load, I found time for personal activity. I... — Updated 2/24/2021

 By Lu Nelson    Opinion

Cold weather, high demand for electricity highlights need for diverse resources

Last week, extreme weather caused power outages for much of the central United States. Bitter cold led to increased demand for electricity while also forcing significant portions of electric generation offline, leaving millions of... — Updated 2/24/2021

 By Curtis Hecla    Opinion

Re: "Popular beach at Steamboat Rock closing permanently" Jan. 27, 2021 Star

I am a former resident of Grand Coulee. Three brothers were born there, the first in October 1935, coinciding with the opening of the Mason City hospital. As a pre-teen in 1950, an older Indian befriended me and spent time describi... — Updated 2/24/2021

 By Pam Johnson    Opinion

Addressing three themes on school district

I am writing in response to John Adkins’ series of letters to the editor, the most recent being 2/17/21. As a Lake Roosevelt teacher of nearly 17 years, I have had the opportunity to experience the changing tides of many administ... — Updated 2/24/2021

 By John M. Adkins    Opinion

Seek input and respect history

When I see Kenny Hoke he always waves and makes my day. Every time this happens, I think about the state championship basketball team he was on back in the days when the rim and net were real baskets. Since Grand Coulee and Coulee... — Updated 2/24/2021

 By John M. Adkins    Opinion

A diamond in the rough

My wife, who knows me well after 47 years, says I’m the most patient person she has ever met. When you combine this patience with the actions of putting others first and practicing sound human dynamics, learned from Gonzaga’s... — Updated 2/17/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

The joy of a new baby

A few days ago, we had a new baby in the family. Actually, it was a great grandchild, the fourth for us. She joins Kaylee, Damon and Westlyn as great grand babies. I guess it is a sign of getting old. But what a joy to see them... — Updated 2/17/2021

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion

You know what they say about statistics

An apparent weakness in Washington’s coronavirus response efforts bit the governor in his political behind this week, a weakness that has seemed glaring to us for many months. Perhaps it’s this newspaper’s service area at... — Updated 2/17/2021


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