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6/5 - An officer checked on a trailer on Jackson Avenue in Electric City with its door open. The landowner said the tenant hadn’t paid rent for nine months and he was trying to get the trailer removed. A walk-through disclosed that the inside of the trailer was a mess, but no one was inside. The trailer was secured.

- A Spokane man was arrested and taken to Grant County jail after an incident at North Dam Park in which he allegedly lied about his name twice and violated a protection order for a woman who was also in the park. He is being charged with the protection order violation and obstructing a law enforcement officer.

- Tribal police asked for an officer to stand by at the hospital emergency room while they waited for a tribal detective to arrive to interview a person there.

- An officer was advised of a fight in front of Flo’s Cafe. When he arrived there was no one present, but observers said that earlier a man and woman were seen yelling at each other.

- An Elmer City driver was cited on a number of issues after being stopped when an officer noted that her auto tabs had expired. She was also cited for not having insurance, not having her driver’s license with her, and for failing to have the vehicle registration in the vehicle.

6/6 - An officer got pulled into a dispute between a man and woman getting a divorce. The man, his new girlfriend and his wife were all together drinking while discussing the division of assets involved in the divorce, including a couple of handguns. Police got the parties settled down and left. A report was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for possible charges since there was evidence that threats had been made.

- An apartment dweller on Burdin Boulevard told police that visitors to an adjacent apartment park in front of the driveway. Police advised the apartment resident that when visitors come to advise them not to block in other tenants.

6/7 - Police on patrol on Alcan Road saw a woman known to be wanted on a warrant for her arrest. When she saw that the officer had seen her, she ran into the house. The officer asked for permission to enter, arrested her, and took her to Grant County jail.

6/8 - USBR Plant Protection advised police of damage at the restrooms at North Dam Park. Upon investigating, police found that someone had spray painted the walls inside the restroom, on a gazebo and on one other structure. Similar damage was noted the next day on a back wall of the Grand Gallery Theater, in the alleyway.

- An officer stopped a woman when he saw the vehicle she was driving had expired tabs. She was cited for this and for not having a valid operator’s license.

- A Grand Coulee woman was stopped and cited because of expired tabs, driving with a suspended license, and having no insurance.

- An officer saw a man walking behind bushes in North Dam Park and acting strangely, wearing a blanket like a cape and swinging a chain. He approached the man and told him to stop. The subject was wanted on three warrants for his arrest. After questioning, he told the officer that he had a syringe and a “hit” inside his front pants pocket. The man was arrested on the warrants, and a charge of being in possession of a controlled substance. He was taken to Grant County jail.

- A man who had been banned from apartments on Continental Heights was told by officers if he violated the court order again he would go to jail.

6/9 - A man on Weil Place reported to police that a man had knocked on his door and said he was from the Census department and then fled in an old vehicle.

- Four people walked away from a bar bill at Banks Lake Pub. A officer confronted a man wanted on a warrant, who ended up going to jail. One of the women involved in the bar-bill problem returned to the bar and made arrangements to pay the bill.

- A man from Spokane was arrested on a warrant after a single-car accident on SR-155 near milepost 20. The man had claimed that his mother had been driving, but a person who was at the scene and saw the accident happen told police that the man had been the driver. They were treated by ambulance workers for slight injuries, and he was taken to Grant County jail.

- A party reported that a strange bag had been in the bushes on Banks Avenue when a couple of men came by and took it. An officer stopped the pair on the way to Delano and learned that one was wanted on a warrant. While being locked in the patrol car, the man stated that he suffered from seizures, and soon after the car began to shake. He was taken to Coulee Medical Center for treatment and later to Grant County jail.

- A woman on F Street told police that she thought the person who had put a badger head in her car was a woman who used to live with her but was kicked out.

- Charges of fourth-degree assault are pending in a case where a man allegedly pulled the hair of an 8-year-old after he lost a $5 bill when the two were going to the store. The man, who had a Department of Corrections pickup order against him, was taken to Grant County jail.

6/10 - Police checked on a 911 hang-up report at a business on Division Street. The report stated that there was no evidence that anyone was in the building.

- The National Park Service told police that they had a person in custody at Crescent Bay who was wanted on a warrant for his arrest. An officer took him to Grant County jail.

- A Safeway representative reported that a woman rolled out a cart of groceries without paying for them. The clerk gave police a description of the woman, and later the officer viewed the security tape. No one could identify her.

- A man complained to police that a neighbor in his apartment building was smoking marijuana, which was seeping into his apartment. He told police that it was against housing authority rules. Police explained that it is legal to smoke marijuana inside your residence and that it was a civil matter. The officer did suggest to the smoker to open a window so the smell wouldn’t bother a neighbor.

- A vehicle parked near Coulee Playland with expired tabs was towed.

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6/2 - An officer responded to an alarm at the National Park Service headquarters building. He found that a person driving a refuse truck had entered the office space not knowing about the alarm. After the officer made sure no one was inside the office, he returned to other duties.

6/5 - Police returned a loose dog to its yard on Camas Street. The officer tried to communicate with the homeowner, but no one answered the door.

6/7 - Police responded to a request by Colville Tribal Police to look out for a person wanted on an arrest warrant. It was noted that the wanted man was on foot. No one was found.

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