Center School sale still in process


The sale of the Center School from the Grand Coulee Dam School District to Centerline Development is still in development, but a survey is now required as a part of the process.

“The parties want to get it done, and it will happen,” school board Director Butch Stanger said at a June 11 board meeting.

Centerline Development, LLC is the name of the company that will be buying the school, a new company started by Nic Alexander of Coulee Construction and Ian Turner for the purpose of the Center School project.

The title insurance company needs to know exactly what they would be insuring, which will require a survey of the property.

A member of Centerline Development, as well as Stanger and Superintendent Paul Turner, will be going to Ephrata to explore county records in the search for cleaner records that may simplify the survey process, and thus make it cheaper. The parties believe that more records exist concerning the property to make the process more clear cut.

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Another way to simplify the process would be to consolidate all the many parts of the property into one large piece, thus making the survey process easier by only needing to establish the perimeter of one large piece of land, as opposed to identifying the boundaries of many lots.

“We just need to jump through some hoops, cross our T’s and dot our I’s,” Alexander said.

A discussion of details for extending the August deadline for closing of the sale is on the agenda for the June 25 school board meeting.


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